Running True-to-Size – Shoe Fits of the Big Brands


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When it comes to buying shoes it can be tricky to get the right shoe fits.

What Exactly Does True-to-Size Mean?

When you’re buying shoes for training, it’s important to consider the sizing. Your shoes have to fit you well otherwise you’re not going to get the best experience. You also don’t want to slip or be off balance at any moment and watch your opponent cross the finish line from ahead of you because your footwear let you down.

The real meaning of true-to-size is for the shoes to fit the way that they should be based on the standard measurements of your feet. So if you wear a size 10, your training shoes should fit comfortably in that size.

But the problem is that not all shoes are created equal, the sizing can sometimes differ from brand to brand sometimes which makes a lot of people ask questions such as ‘do Nike shoes run small’, ‘are Reeboks true to size’ and do Adidas run big or small?

When it comes to shoe sizing and the question of true to size there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. What kind of training you’re going to be doing?

Are Adidas Good for Wide Feet? These Adipower 3 definitely weren’t!

The type of training you’re doing is going to require a specific type of shoe and the sizing of the shoes may vary accordingly.

For instance, some weightlifting shoes require less toe space and are actually meant to fit closer to the front of the shoe for stability, or some running shoes fit a little roomier to accommodate the natural changes your feet go through in the process of running. 

2. What are the adjustable features of the shoe?

Do Nike Shoes Run Small? – Shoe Fits of the big brands

By this, I mean that most training shoes come with laces to adjust the way the shoe fits, but some are adjusted by different means such as velcro or straps that can give you a slightly different fit or feeling.

For instance, the Nike Metcon Flyease is a shoe I reviewed not too long ago, this shoe did fit true to size, but because of the velcro fastening system, the user’s ability to adjust the way the shoe fits was slightly hindered and had an upper limit making it tricky to get more of a secure fit and so many users had to order a half size smaller to get around this. 

Paying attention to the adjustable features as they can make your experience with a shoe positive or negative. They can help you if you have wider or narrower feet or if you find certain parts of the shoe tight or too loose.

3. What are the materials of the shoe?


The material of the shoe can and often does play a major role in whether a shoe feels true to size or not. 

Things such as the sole taking time to mould to your feet can make you think that the shoe is a bad fit at first but after some time wearing it can feel a lot better due to it breaking in over time, or things such as a leather upper being stiffer than say a canvas upper will give you a completely different experience in the way a shoe fits. 

Extra Tip

Check out this short video below on shoe fitting more specifically, where your toes should be. This gives you extra consideration when judging if a shoe is the right size because many people think shoe sizing is more straightforward than it actually is…

These are some of the things you should make sure to keep in your mind when examining the way a shoe fits.

The Guide

Consider this a guide to help you get an idea of how each brand of shoe fits. I will also include a link to each brand’s official sizing chart to help you in your research.

Note: Be careful of ‘non-official’ sizing charts, there are charts out there which have some incorrect information. It’s always better to use the chart found on the brand’s webpage for the most accurate representation.

Nike Fitting Questions

shoes fit 4
Do Nike Shoes Run Small? Getting the Right Shoe Fits

Official Nike Shoe Sizing Chart

Note: Other shoes that fall under the Nike brand such as Converse and Jordans will follow the same Nike sizing system.

Do Nike Shoes Run Small?

shoes fit 3
Shoe Fits of the Big Brands – Do Nike Shoes Run Small?

Do Nike shoes run small is a very common question. In some running forums and communities, certain Nike models have been known to run small. Running shoes like the Nike Pegasus 30 in my experience did run a little on the small side. They feel a lot different now though.

Although many people say that Nike shoes run small, in my experience overall, I think that most Nike shoes run true to size.

Nike shoe sizing will be slightly different from other brands, most notoriously Adidas, but overall, their measurements are very much closest to the true size.

So do Nike shoes run small? In my experience, they fit true to size in most situations I’ve been in. But if you are unsure about a specific shoe, make sure you look online and try to find reviews from other users on the fit because Nike can sometimes surprise you.

Does Nike Run Narrow Compared to others like Adidas?

Do Nike Shoes Run Small?

You may have noticed that Nike shoes are very well known for being narrower, not only that, but a lot of their shoes do not have wider options leaving a lot of customers frustrated.

Many people get around this by ordering a size that is 1 -1.5 inches larger than their regular size. Simply due to the fact that the Nikes run so narrow.

And the narrow fit is a lot like Adidas shoes in the sense that the toe box as well as the sides of the shoe feel narrow also. You are likely to feel a lot of discomfort along the sides if you ignore this.

Another problem with the question of does Nike run narrow is the fact that Nike doesn’t offer many options for people with wider feet, and often when they do it’s either a very undesirable shoe or if it is a desirable shoe, they run out of stock very quickly.

So does Nike run narrow? The answer is yes, but the solution albeit not a perfect one is to order a size slightly larger to try and combat this.

Adidas Fitting Questions

Adidas’s official size chart

Do Adidas Run Big or Small?

Shoe Fits of the Big Brands - Do Adidas Run Big or Small?
Shoe Fits of the Big Brands – Do Adidas Run Big or Small?

The question of do Adidas run big or small is a little trickier, and getting your right size in Adidas shoes if you’re used to other brands’ sizing like Nike’s may require you to look a little closer. For example in my case, a Nike size UK12 is a US 13, while a UK 12 Adidas are a USA 12.5. That half a size discrepancy can be a bit of a headache.

Are Adidas Good for Wide Feet?

Shoe Fits of the Big Brands - Are Adidas Good for Wide Feet?
Shoe Fits of the Big Brands – Are Adidas Good for Wide Feet?

A lot like their Nike counterparts, Adidas don’t have a lot of wide options, on top of that, a vast majority of their shoes are on the narrow side. For this reason, you have to pay close attention to your foot shape and measurement especially if you have even slightly wider feet.

The answer to the question of are Adidas good for wide feet is pretty well-known by many people. Adidas don’t cater well for wide feet at all.

Some people do recommend going half a size up for wider feet but even then, the narrower toe box on many Adidas shoes still remains the same.

Conclusion – Getting the Right Shoe Fits

insole Best crossfit shoes for wide feet flex
Do Nike Shoes Run Small – Shoe sizing is not as straightforward as you may think.

Navigating your way around getting the right shoe fits is hard, and having to answer questions of do Nike shoes run small or too narrow etc can be a massive headache.

For this reason, it’s very important that you ensure you measure your foot, even if you think you know your shoe size.

This way you will get an even more exact measurement and a better understanding of what your needs are, because, for all you know, you might be wearing the wrong size shoes without even knowing.

Shoe sizing is about a lot more than just pressing the tip of the toe box to check how much wiggle room you have, there are several more considerations you need to make.

Hopefully, this article set you on the right path.


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