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Samsung Gear Fit Review – The Best Smartwatch?

samsung gear fit review

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The Samsung Gear Fit Review


The Samsung Gear Fit is one of the latest additions in the Samsung family, it is a part of a line of wearable technology designed to help you to get in shape and to improve your health. This product is also classified as a fitness wristband that uses application and built-in technology for this purpose. This Samsung Gear Fit review will explain how the Gear Fit works and how this device best be used to help improve your overall health.

Training With The Gear Fit

The first thing you need to ask yourself before buying a fitness watch is does this watch actually offer assistance for the type of training I am into? In the past I have tried out heart rate monitor watches that are more specified towards people whose focus is mainly running. So do make sure that your activities are catered for by the technology.

My training regime is mainly weight focused so I will be interested to see how this will work for me.

The Gear Fit Design

Let’s take a look at the design of the Gear FIt watch. This unit looks like a wrist watch except it has a long and thin curved AMOLED display. The shape of the watch is similar to a rectangle that has been bent to form a curve. The are two straps that are attached to both ends of the unit and they connect together to keep the device secure. This type of design conforms to the natural shape of the body and will stay in place during a workout.

When the watch is off it resembles a black wrist band or bracelet. Once the display is turned on, the watch immediately get peoples attention. When working out in public while wearing the Gear Fit, it is going to be conversation starter because of its unique style and appearance.

Does the Gear Fit Only Work with Samsung Phones?

Annoyingly yes, but there is a way around it. The phone I am using this with is the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Gear Fit Display and Specs

The AMOLED display on the Gear Fit resembles the type of screen that people see on many tablet and smartphone devices. The display is 1.84 in diagonal and it has 432 x 128 pixels. The watch weighs .95oz and its dimensional size is .092 inches wide, 2.26 inches long and .47 inches thick. The screen has a touch display and has a gorilla glass covering that is resistant to scratches and chips. The watch is extremely lightweight and only weighs 27 grams. The unit will also last up to three days on one full charge. The Gear Fit is also dust proof and water resistant and you definitely will not spend a lot of time cleaning this device.

Gear S-Fit Features

The Gear Fit comes with a variety of different features that are designed to monitor your health when you exercise. These features are called S – Fit and they provide excellent tools that anyone can use to get in shape. Here is a list of S – FIt features that are available on the watch.

* Heart Rate Sensor
The Heart Rate Sensor monitors your heart rate while you work out through your routine. The Sensor feature works by detecting a your pulse and then displaying the rate to the user.

* Pedometer

People can also wear the Gear Fit Pedometer feature to keep track of the amount of distance that they walk everyday. They can also use this feature to keep track of their steps. The Gear Fit uses a hardware step sensor that allows users to manipulate this technology while they walk.

* Exercise Standalone Modes: Running, Walking

The Exercise Standalone Modes are great for monitoring your walking or running related activities. Again the device uses built-in hardware to detect movement for both of these activities.

* Companion Modes: Cycling, Hiking

Gear Fit can cycle or hike with their Gear Fit watch. The unit also has technology that is able to monitor your progress while you perform these activities.

* Sleep & Stress

There is a sleep and stress mode for wearers that will let them know how much stress the are exerting during a workout and what their heart rates are like once they complete a workout.

Other Gear Fit Features

This unit also has a Real Time Coaching feature that can be set to urge you to perform at your best. Gear Fit can be set up to view email, text and alerts and it also gives the wearer the ability to use third-party apps and to create their own alarms. You can even receive incoming calls with their Gear Fit devices. This way they can stay in touch while they are out jogging or engaging in some other type of outdoor physical activity. Gear Fit owners can even customize their screens with different wallpapers and set up different numerical font displays with their device.


The Gear Fit is designed with interchangeable bands you can create different looks with this watch. Band colors include blue, orange and red and other colors such as pink and white are available so that people can mix and match their Gear Fit unit with their outfits. Some bands for the Gear Fit are designed with symbols such as peace signs or hearts. They too help consumers to customize their devices according to taste. Samsung also provides a charging cradle for the Gear Fit. The unit is also dust proof and water resistant.

Pros and Cons

Samsung Gear Fit Pros

There are many benefits of the Gear Fit watch and they include:

* Helps you to monitor your health while you work out.

* Allows you to stay in touch with family, friends or work during your exercise routines – Although some could view this as a negative.. Some of us don’t want the distraction when we are ‘In the zone’.

* You can customise this watch with changeable straps.

* Helps you to stay focused on workout while you train.

* Downloadable apps

* Virtual assistant can help to aid you with workout tasks and give an extra push.


Samsung Gear Fit Cons

* Gear Fit does not play music.

* The unit does not stream videos.

* The Gear Fit needs a camera to help improve performance.

Much of the technology that is missing from the Gear Fit is already available and it should have been included on this unit. This technology would have provided Gear Fit owners an improved workout by examining their performance.


The Gear Fit is a solid device that performs reasonably well.  The unit will provide you with high-end technology and useful features that can actually change the way you work out and take care of your health. The best thing about this watch for me is how easily it syncs with my phone

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