Do Nobull Shoes Run True To Size? – Nobull FAQs The Bold Shoes Everyone’s Talking About

For a shoe company such as Nobull that many people may not be familiar with, the question of ‘Do Nobull shoes run true to size?’ is very common. Today, we have many choices with cross-training/CrossFit shoes that promise to do everything and anything. Fitness enthusiasts know the importance of having a high-performance shoe that will […]

Are The Adidas UltraBoosts Worth It?

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a casual jogger, or a devoted sneakerhead, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Adidas UltraBoosts. You may be wondering ‘are the Adidas UltraBoosts worth it?’ These shoes are revered among runners for their comfort and performance, and they’re admired by the lifestyle crowd for their unique silhouette and great looking colorways. It’s […]

Is The Jordan 1 A Good Lifting Shoe?

We need footwear for every aspect of life. The more specific the action, the more unique the shoe, which is why runners and football players have different style shoes.   The same goes for the sport of lifting.   The Air Jordan 1 is definitely a popular shoe, obviously starting with basketball at its inception, and the […]

Are Vibram Five Fingers Good For Your Feet?

Even if you’re not a part of the worldwide running community, you’ve probably seen someone wearing a pair of the odd-looking Vibram Five Fingers shoes at some point in the past decade.  Certainly peculiar, the silhouette of Vibram Five Fingers is so minimal that calling it a shoe feels generous. It’s more of a sturdy […]

Nike Air Monarchs Are So Hot Right Now and I Dunno What’s Going On!

I don’t understand it, dad sneakers are cool again A simple search of the hashtag #airmonarch on Instagram will show you loads of people rocking the Nike Air Monarchs with pride, and that’s a good thing. What’s fascinating for me is how a shoe that was considered so lame before has now become dare I […]

Beginners Guide To Barefoot Running

The biggest, most revolutionary change in the world of training shoes in recent years came with the declaration and belief that such an item should be entirely obsolete. Whereas the conventional wisdom in the world of running was, until this point, that the human foot could benefit from additional support and cushioning when partaking in high […]

Lifting Safety: Top Tips To Help Prevent Injuries

Thousands of injuries occur each year due to poor lifting techniques. This statistic is especially true for workers in warehouse environments where they are supposed to lift heavy equipment. Accidents and injuries can be easily avoided by educating the staff on lifting techniques. The good news is that learning correct lifting techniques is not difficult. […]

Barefoot Running Shoes – The Lowdown – ListedFit

Barefoot Running Shoes – The Lowdown Running shoes are called running shoes for obvious reasons; they are made particularly for running, when choosing a running shoe it is best to decide from the best barefoot running shoes choices for your type of running. It is not recommended that someone wear basketball shoes strictly for running […]

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