Calisthenics FAQs – No Stupid Questions!

Using heavy training equipment isn’t the only way to achieve your ideal figure. Calisthenics is a low-resistance exercise that only requires your body weight for most activities with different levels and rhythms.  It’s an old form of exercise from Greece that became popular in the 19th century. Today it’s a warm-up or cool-down routine and […]

Things People Get Wrong About Electrolyte Supplements – Electrolytes 101

Electrolytes are essential for humans to operate. An electrolyte imbalance in the body can lead to untoward signs and symptoms, including various illnesses. Although we hear electrolytes daily, and many people use the term when talking about nutrition and diseases, but what are electrolytes really?  We’ve answered some common questions about these minerals for you […]

What I Got Wrong About Shilajit – This Black Goo Is Something Else

This article is a transcript of the Is ‘Shilajit Legit? – What Is Shilajit and How to Use It?’ video found on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe too! A viewer recently reached out to me and said I should check out shilajit, so I decided to look into it […]

Struggling To Eat Enough Protein? – Basic Bulking Struggles Solved

The struggles of bulking up hit us all in our journeys. One of the biggest mistakes people make when bulking up is having the wrong mindset. We often think we can bulk up overnight. Some people think they do not have to make major lifestyle and diet changes.  When bulking up, you will not gain […]

Top 3 Best Mass Gainer for Beginners – The Complete Buyers Guide 2022

It’s you against the world! You’re trying to bulk up and add muscle to your frame, but it’s hard, I know. I’ve been through it. It can be hard to find the best mass gainer too when you’re a beginner in the weightlifting world for that very reason, everything is new to you so where […]

App Review: Is TrueCoach the Best Personal Trainer App?

There’s nothing like having your very own personal trainer to keep you honest and accountable about your workouts, to keep the routine interesting, and to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and efficiently. However, one-on-one training time can be pricey, personal trainers sometimes aren’t available when you are, and as we’ve seen during the […]

Should You Take Pre-Workout Supplements? – Everything You Need To Know

Should You Take Pre-Workout Supplements? For some time I’ve been interested in buying a supplement to give me an extra push on my early morning workouts.  Coffee would, of course, be an easy option and is used by many, but I don’t actually like the taste of coffee so pre workout supplements could be a […]

Is The Alkaline Diet Right For You? – The Alkaline Diet Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered about the alkaline diet pros and cons? The alkaline diet has been studied for many decades.  It was first proposed by Claude Bernard, a French biologist, who found feeding rabbits a carnivore diet over a plant-based herbivore diet, caused their urine to become more acidic.  The premise of the diet is […]

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