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VIDEO The Sennheiser CX SPORT Vs Powerbeats 3

Sennheiser CX SPORT review Vs Powerbeats 3

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Sennheiser CX SPORT Review – Is It Time To Ditch The Powerbeats 3?

If you have seen my previous videos you will know that my current workout headphones are the beats Powerbeats 3s. Check out my review from 2017 if you get a chance. Today I’m talking about the Sennheiser CX Sport wireless headphones which have the promise of being tuned for clarity something Sennheiser are known for and of course doing all the things you’d expect a sports headphone to do

How Much Did They Cost?

At the time of making this video, these came in at 85 dollars and 100 pounds in the UK. Not sure why they were so much cheaper in the United States, I think the price fluctuates. The cost, I think its reasonable for high-quality sports headphones considering the Powerbeats 3s come in at a similar price bracket.


First Try, Sound Quality

On the first try, I noticed that the sound clarity is superb. Very well balanced, having the bass turned up as I have had with the Powerbeats 3s a lot of the time means that you can lose some of the clarity in words and you may lose some of the audible instruments. I listen to music to help me learn languages so having extra clarity really helps me hear what’s being said. The audio from songs is clearer and you still have a nice amount of bass. These also feel atmospheric, it gives you a greater sense of being in the room with the band. Sounds weird I know. Small things like hearing the backing singers words clearly and small percussion instruments and hearing people screaming in the crowd when I listen to live music recordings really makes the difference in the sound you hear.
I’ve been using the Powerbeats for just over a year now and the main difference is that they have much more bass so they do muffle out some of the detail in the sound a little bit.

One Issue About The Sennheiser CX Sports

Another thing. For some reason sometimes when I am listening to music or a podcast on my iPhone, when I pause the audio then go into WhatsApp to listen to an audio message, the message won’t have any sound on it. But if I wait maybe five minutes then I will be able to hear it. This problem wasn’t apparent with the Powerbeats 3s, they just play everything you ask them to.  It is not cool having to disconnect my Bluetooth headphones if I wanna hear a Whatsapp audio recording that may be urgent.

How They Fit

The rectangular thing in the cable is a bit chunky but it didn’t cause the headphones to slip when I was moving around. if you use the cable shortener to keep them taught then you should be OK with them not moving too much. In terms of them slipping out while I was working out they did.
At the start of my workout they were ok and snug in my ear, but as my workout went on and my head got more sweaty they did slip and fall onto my shoulders a couple of times, but it wasn’t much of a problem. I was also able to use my jump rope without them falling out which was good.

Sennheiser CX Sport Vs Powerbeats 3?

As you know, I’ve been using the Powerbeats 3 sports headphones for about a year and a half now and I’ve been very happy with them. They are at the top of the tree for me, mainly because of the hook that keeps them very secure to your ears, they’re splash-proof, the cable is very light and my love of extra bass during my workouts, but these are in my view also a good buy. I’ve not had them long enough to be able to say if they are hard wearing or durable over time but for the two and a half weeks I’ve been using these they’ve been great and haven’t cut out unexpectedly or broken or anything.


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If they had the same form factor as the Powerbeats 3s and the WhatsApp audio not playing situation wasn’t there, then I would definitely make these my new number one because I actually like the sound coming out of these more than the Powerbeats.
But if the Whatsapp audio thing isn’t a big deal to you, then these are a great pair of headphones for a very reasonable price.

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