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Stretch Marks From Muscle Growth – All You Need to Know

Stretch Marks From Muscle Growth

If you do weight training you can get stretch marks from muscle growth. Weight lifting of course gives you a well-toned body, but this is one complication associated with it. At least at the beginning when muscles start growing. If you are going through this, do not panic as this article will guide you on how to handle these muscle growth stretch marks and even eliminate them altogether.

Stretch Marks From Muscle Growth - All You Need to Know

Weight Lifting and Stretch Marks

As mentioned earlier, many people get stretch marks when they start lifting weights. These stretch marks are usually caused by excessive stretching of the skin resulting in tearing of the dermis. At the initial stages of weight lifting, a lot of people start building muscles fast within the first few weeks. This means that their bodies are forced to undergo a lot of physical changes within a very short time.

Consequently, the skin has to stretch to cover up these growing muscles which, unfortunately, leads to the formation of muscle building stretch marks. Lifting very large amounts of weight can also have the same effect of making muscles grow faster.

How to Prevent Further Stretch Marks

Once you have noticed these stretch marks, it is understandable that you want to find a way of stopping them without compromising on your muscle gain targets. There are numerous ways to achieve this.


1. Limit Your Weights

As a weight lifter, it is your dream to lift heavy weights and also gain muscles at every chance that you get. Unfortunately, this does not work so well if you need to lose those muscle stretch marks that are beginning to build up. To prevent them from spreading, stick to lighter weights with more repetitions within the week. This gives you time to adapt to these changes.

2. Keep Off Steroids

Steroids or any other synthetic growth hormones accelerate muscle growth rapidly. This makes it difficult for the skin to keep up in covering the gained muscles leading to tearing of the dermis and eventual stretch marks.

3. Stop Overeating

Many people believe that weight lifters have to eat a lot to the point of bursting. This is not actually really true. When gaining muscle, you need to eat the right quantities of vegetables, fruits and proteins and of course carbohydrates. Overeating all the time will only result in sudden weight gain which leads to stretch marks. The key is to find out the macros you require to build muscle and to split your number of meals a day up, so instead of 3 big meals try 6 smaller meals.

You also need to stay hydrated as water helps with your skins elasticity.


How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

You may have already gotten stretch marks from muscle growth before you realise that you need to watch your weight lifting. Here are a few ways to get rid of them.

1. Laser Therapy

This is currently the best stretch marks removal technique. It may sound futuristic and painful, but it gets rid of damaged skin, seals broken vessels and enhances skin connectivity which hides all stretch marks. The body also gets a chance to form healthy new tissue that is free from stretch marks when the damaged tissue is eliminated.

2. Dermabrasion

This technique involves freezing the skin then scrapping away the dead upper layer. With this layer removed, the stretch marks from muscle growth are eliminated too, and you also get to grow a smoother skin in the place of the removed layer. If you do not have the time for this, you could also opt for a homemade body scrub.

3. Chemical Peels

There are different chemicals that you can also use to eliminate stretch marks from muscle growth. During this procedure, an exfoliating chemical is applied on the affected area which then peels off the upper layer of the skin. With this layer gone, a newer and smoother one grows which is free from stretch marks.

It takes plenty of time to get rid of stretch marks for good. Therefore, you are better off avoiding them all together as you embark on your weight training program. If you already have them then hopefully one of the solutions given works for you.

Stretch Marks From Muscle Growth - All You Need to Know
Article Name
Stretch Marks From Muscle Growth - All You Need to Know
If you do weight training you can get stretch marks from muscle growth. Here's how to handle muscle building stretch marks and eliminate them altogether.

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