Grenadier Grips are these rubber bar grips that you slot onto your dumbells or barbells. The idea is that holding the weight with these grips creates more of a challenge for the hand and forearms. The Grenadier Grips make the handle of the weight thicker, more awkward and more challenging to hold which will, in turn, give your forearms more of a workout building thicker forearms and a much stronger grip. A worthwhile addition to any gym…

Building impressive, bigger biceps is one of the most popular reasons why many people go to the gym. Bigger Bicep Workout Girls love to look at and touch lean muscular arms; men are envious of other men who have them. Sleeve-splitting guns are impressive to just about anyone. While genetics do play a major role in how your upper arms will develop, a solid bicep workout will do wonders for making huge gains in your biceps. In…

Bruce Lee Workout

How many many years has it already been since Bruce Lee passed away … yet around the Web, a large number of men everyday are still looking for the Bruce Lee Training regimen.