In Worms, Germany, Firefighters spent three hours trying to cut a man’s penis free from a free weight plate. A very painful problem. WTF I hear you say. It was a 2.5kg weight according to the firefighter’s report on their Facebook page which has a photo of the plate in question as below. The man did what he did for whatever reason, went to hospital asking for assistance in removing the plate, and the hospital then…

The search for a way to enhance working out has arrived, in the form of getting high on weed! The idea of smoking weed before working out seems to have a buzz around it. Is weed really the way forward? Chelsea Handler recently tried working out while high on her show and a gym in San Francisco allows members to smoke on the premises. Marijuana has definitely found a new friend. Digging deeper into whether…

You get that good feeling as soon as you wake up on a Friday morning and you have a spring in your step! Here are 10 reasons why Friday is THE best day of the week  Why Friday is the Best Day 10. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood The ‘Friday feeling ‘ – I think it’s the anticipation of the weekend or just knowing you have a few days to rest (…

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