I’m Skinny With Cellulite – Is this normal? Recently I was asked by a client, “I’m skinny with cellulite, is this normal?  I thought it was only something bigger girls got.” A number of factors can influence the presence and visibility of cellulite in women such as the thickness of skin, body fat percentage, distribution of body fat, hereditary, and you don’t actually need to have a lot of body fat for cellulite to start developing. Cellulite is…

Calisthenic Exercises In order for you to build a strong and well-conditioned body without using any equipment, you can always practice basic calisthenic exercises. Nowadays, there are already a lot of gyms that are filled with huge and expensive equipment and tools that are made to help improve the body. Because of this, you tend to forget the benefits and the effectiveness of other simple workouts such as Calisthenic exercises. Unfortunately, a lot of people…

If you are completely new to working out this can create a problem. Make doing sets of pull-ups a goal to conquer. Pull ups, or chin ups depending on how you like to name them, are considered a core exercise for many training routines. As a back exercise for building muscle across the lats they are unparalleled. Many people believe that you can get everything you need in a back routine from using pull…

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