How To Fix Calluses on Hands from Pull-Ups

Unfortunately, some of us get calluses on hands from pull-ups. Calluses can be more than annoying; they can sometimes be painful.  All calluses, no matter where they are located, are caused by repetitive motions that produce friction on the skin.  This is why so many pull-up and calisthenic workout beginners experience calluses when they are […]

HIIT Workouts – The Basics

You may have recently heard people talking about the benefits of HIIT training recently and be wondering, what is HIIT training? HIIT workouts are very popular right now. Mainly due to the fact that many people quite like the idea of not having to spend lots of time in the gym working out. HIIT Workouts […]

Calisthenic Workouts – No Gym? No Problem!

Calisthenic Workouts Let’s face it, gym memberships can cost a lot of money, which leads a lot of us to think that in order to get in some kind of good shape and to get a good workout in one must have a gym membership. Wrong. You can have the body you have always wanted without shelling […]

I’m Skinny With Cellulite – Is this Normal?

Is Being Skinny With Cellulite Normal? Recently I was asked by a client, “I’m skinny with cellulite, is this normal?  I thought it was only something bigger girls got.” A number of factors can influence the presence and visibility of cellulite in women such as the thickness of skin, body fat percentage, distribution of body fat, hereditary factors, […]

Calisthenic Exercises – Workout With No Equipment

Calisthenic Exercises In order for you to build a strong and well-conditioned body without using any equipment, you can always practice basic calisthenic exercises. Nowadays, there are already a lot of gyms that are filled with huge and expensive equipment and tools that are made to help improve the body. Because of this, you tend […]

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