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Best Protein Shaker Bottle – My Top 3

blenderbottle best protein shaker bottle best protein shaker bottles

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With so many of shaker bottles on the market, it’s easy to wonder what the best protein shaker bottle is. Maybe you’re new to working out or like me, you have many different shaker bottles accumulated over the years and they are starting to smell funny or don’t look as good as they used to.

The Best Protein Shaker Bottle – My Top 3

Here is my Top 3 take on The Best Protein Shaker Bottle.

The most important things that came up for me when thinking of the best protein shaker were:

  1. Spill-ability – Can you shake it with water and powder inside without spilling/leaking?
  2. Stink-ability – Does it stink and carry that musky smell even after you’ve washed it multiple times?
  3. Practical-ability – Does it have things you need or didn’t realize you needed in a protein shaker? Such as a readout on the side telling you how much liquid you’ve got in there.

All of the shakers in my top three have already passed the spill-ability, stink-ability and practical-ability requirements according to their online specs. I then bought each one and used it for at least a week to see if they were as good as they claimed.

1. BlenderBottle SportMixer 280z

blenderbottle best protein shaker bottle best protein shaker bottles

BlenderBottle.com | amazon

I’ve used this one for 3 weeks now. I really like it. These are like normal cheap blender bottles with the kinks taken out so to speak. The main things I love about these and why I felt they deserved to be among my best protein shaker bottle list are:

  • The slightly curvaceous bottle sits in your hand more comfortably rather than feeling like you are holding a brick with some of the more generic protein shaker bottles.
  • The bottle has a rubber grip so it’s more secure when you’re shaking it. Less chance of it slipping out of your hand if it’s wet.
  • The top is fully secure when screwed on. The mouth makes a reassuring click when closed too, no chance of anything spilling.

The bottle is odor free – Other shaker bottles I’ve used often stink after a while even after cleaning them. I hate that lingering banana smell that’s so hard to get rid. These BlenderBottles are made from a higher quality of plastic, so the leftover remnants of whatever powder you have put in there is cleaned out easier and results in a cup that is more pleasant to use day to day. The last thing I really liked is the huge combination of colors available, clear white plastic does get kind of boring.

2. Promixx Vortex Mixer


www.promixx.com | amazon


This one’s interesting. You put your powder in the bottom, put in your water and then you press a little button and it swirls the mix around for you. So technically it’s not a shaker, it’s more like a little blender only without any blades. Quite an innovative idea, as long as you don’t overload it with too much powder and you use the right amount of water.

You have a detachable motor which goes on the bottom, this whizzes everything around. It’s quite powerful too. Fits in car cup holder snugly. Doesn’t spill or vibrate itself off the table which I was concerned about it doing to start with when I first turned the motor on. More importantly for me, it doesn’t stink after continued use and is easy to clean, this one is odor-free like the BlenderBottle. More practical than I originally thought it would be. Note, this requires 2xAAA batteries.

3. SmartShake 600mlsmartshake best protein shaker bottle best protein shaker bottles


If you’re a fan of the more classic look and feel, then the SmartShake is a really good option. Think of it as a step up from the basic protein shaker bottles out there, but with added functionality. Added onto the bottom is a detachable compartment that allows you to carry power/tablets in. This shaker just does what it does and does it very well. Not as comfortable to hold as the BlenderBottle, but does have a solid build throughout.

The cap once closed doesn’t leak or spill and it uses a strainer as opposed to a wire ball, which some say is better at giving you a smoother lump-free protein shake. The bottom compartment does mean that you have less space for liquids but come to think of it with a normal 28oz size blender it’s hardly ever full, it’s always between 1/3 and 1/2 half full so that isn’t a problem for me.

So those were my top 3 protein shaker bottles on the market today. Each one did a good job, it just depends on you, if you want something completely different (Promixx Vortex), an ergonomic improvement on the normal shape form-factor (BlenderBottle SportMixer), or maybe you like the classic shape and feel (SmartShake).

Do you use any of these shakers? Or maybe I’ve left one out – Let me know in the comments.

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