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Hyperice Review – The End Of Muscle Soreness?

The Hyperice Review - True Muscle Soreness Relief

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Hyperice Review – The End Of Muscle Soreness?

I thought I’d do a Hyperice review, mainly because it’s a product that has helped a knee pain problem I have recently had. Maybe it could help you too.

I frequently weight train 3/4 times a week and I love it. My training mostly consists of calisthenic exercises such as your pull ups, press-ups in all their different variations and compound movements such as squats and deadlifts.

For the past year I have had a problem with my right knee and quad muscle, they get sore and inflamed after I have had a workout or played some basketball for a couple of hours. Naturally, I saw a physio about this and after an x ray and an ultrasound confirmed nothing too serious, the physiotherapist deduced that my  problem is down to “over exertion”. Great. I can put to bed my nightmare sequence of the doctor amputating my leg. But what can I do to solve the problem I have of the knee pain and muscle soreness after training?


Solving Muscle Soreness After Training

Before I decided on doing a Hyperice review, there were a few things suggested by my physio that I could do for inflammation and muscle soreness, some are more effective than others.

  • Painkillers- Ibuprofen was recommended from my GP but I really don’t like the idea of popping painkillers all the time.
  • Heat treating – Soaking in a hot bath for about an hour before going to bed was suggested as this will warm the area up and improve circulation and therefore help ease the inflammation.
  • Cold Treating – In her experience this was the most effective long term solution. Putting ice on the knee to help ease the pain, which works on the principles of cryotherapy in stopping the muscle soreness and relieving the pain.


Treating with ice was without a doubt the most effective solution to my knee problem. The relief was almost instant. the physio said the sooner you can get ice on the sore muscle area the better, the inflammation wont be as strong, and suggested that frozen peas on the knee will work great. He also mentioned that there are cold therapy knee supports you can buy on the market, but they can be pricey. I was happy to go the old school route and just sit on the couch with a pack of peas on my knee. This worked to a point because yes the peas are cold and cold is what helps the muscle recover but I didn’t see it as much of a long term solution mainly due to the fact that I had errands to run and cant just sit in one spot for hours, so I set about finding some kind of wearable ice pack that I could maybe even put in my gym bag and start wearing as soon as I finished training it the problem arose again.

The most important thing was that the product did exactly what I need and did so effectively which is to provide constant cold to the effected area. Any extra bells and whistles would be a bonus.

After some research the most interesting product I found was the Hyperice Knee Support.

What is Hyperice?

Hyperice specialise in ice compression wraps and supports for athletes. They provide a range of wearable supports for each of the most common areas that athletes tend to suffer the most muscle pain in: Shoulders, knees, back, then there is the wrap named ‘utility’ which can be used on the wrist, elbows or ankles.

Why I Decided to give the Hyperice a goThe Hyperice Review - True Muscle Soreness Relief

The Hyperice looked the sleeker than any of the other products I found. I liked the simple black material and wasn’t really a fan of the grey/light blue ice pack supports I saw from other companies. Their website also had a selection of vids on it of various athletes doing what they do while wearing the it. 

But aside from all of the marketing buzz, the Hyperice actually looked to have some substance to it, so I read on.

What I Like Most About The Hyperice

Main Points

  • Very easy to use. You just fill it up with ice, screw the top back on, and you’re good to go. See images below.

The Hyperice Review - True Muscle Soreness Relief

  • The Hyperice has an ‘air release valve’ system that enables maximum compression. This basically means that once you put it on you press the little button on the top and it physically hugs and applies pressure onto the area you are wearing the support on, this delivers the cold temperature more evenly across the surface area.


  • The ice cell inside the Hyperice is flexible, so it moulds to the contours of whatever body part you are trying to treat which leaves no chance of gaps and areas being left out.


  • The Hyperice range of products are made from a soft neoprene which is very comfortable to wear due to it’s stretchy and warm nature. Sort of like a wet The Hyperice Review - True Muscle Soreness Reliefsuit material but thinner and softer. I wore this for about three hours after my last training session and it was good because I could walk around the house with it on and it maintained it’s closeness to the knee area. It didn’t shift about at all or fall off. Very comfortable to wear.

Been using it for maybe 3 months now and I can honestly say that I have seen a definite improvement in the soreness in my knee area after training. It would normally swell up a bit and be sore for a few days after I have trained, but using this has I think the main thing about this is that it can be worn while you do other things, I have worn this while driving and out shopping, I wouldn’t have thought that could be possible and I don’t think I would be as enthusiastic about the Hyperice if it meant I had to be confined to the couch with it on my knee.


The Hyperice Review - True Muscle Soreness Relief
Box opening

Hyperice Review Pros vs Cons


  • Hands Free – You are not confined to one spot holding it on the effected area with only one hand free to do other things. As mentioned I could drive, do the shopping, change nappies all while wearing this.


  • Comfortable – One of the things I noted while doing this review is that the materials used have really been well thought out. It is very comfortable to wear. Sometimes causing me to forget it is attached to my knee.


  • Durable – Neoprene material still has the same stretchiness it had from day one and I have had this product for more about 3 months now.


  • Effective – The fact of the matter is cold therapy works, its just finding the right thing that will help deliver cold therapy to your effected body part without stopping you doing the things you need to do, and this does it.


  • Price – When I first looked into buying a wearable cold knee support, I assumed it wouldn’t cost as much as this does. But similar and less advanced products came in around the same sort of price. I’d really like to buy another Hyperice for my shoulder but the price means I cant do so as soon as I’d like to. That would be the only negative I could find for this product.

***Update*** Since first writing this piece I found the Hyperice cheaper from here



While doing this Hyperice review I have figured out that if you are looking for an innovative product with all the benefits of cold therapy to treat your muscle soreness then I think that the this is definitely a great product to deliver that. You don’t actually need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from this product at all, it has been very effective for me. The only downside is the price so make sure you shop around. Hopefully my Hyperice review can help you make a more informed decision.


 4.5 Stars4annahalf


Best Price found on Amazon.


Danny Loeb.


Please note: The Hyperice Knee support referenced in this Hyperice review was bought by myself and not provided by Hyperice.


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