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Tone, Sculpt and Define – The Ab Workout for Beginners

Katerina’s Ab Workout for Beginners

Why do you need this ab workout for beginners? Pure and simple we all want a good set of visible abs, to many toned abdominal muscles are the mark of a healthy body. But when it comes down to it, a lot of us when looking to workout our abs don’t know what exercises to do, how to do them or we just plain and simple don’t bother at all. A good ab workout for beginners is useful because most of the time many end up doing the typical ab crunches with incorrect form or some other exercise you saw TV once that looked kind of cool so you’ll give it a go. Not good. You won’t see results and you definitely will be wasting your time if you just take the haphazard approach.

So we hooked up with renowned personal trainer Katerina Popkova and asked her to show us a great ab workout for beginners – a go-to routine for anyone who needs a solid ab workout. These can be done as a routine but for best results Katerina suggests you repeat the routine 3 times over as a circuit.

Whether you want to look great on the beach in your bikini or you want to strengthen your core to improve your overall posture and strength levels, this is the video you need. 

You can do Katerina’s Ab Workout for Beginners at the end of your current workout, or do it as an ab workout on its own – either way you’re doing good things! It’s completely up to you.

Note: Never do ab workouts before doing any exercises that require your abs and core for stabilisation. This is why we suggest you do this at the end of your workout and not at the start.

Once you’ve completed Katerina’s Ab Workout for Beginners and you are ready to step it up to the next level then you may be ready for Katerina’s Advanced Ab Workout

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