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Top 20 Most Annoying Things At The Gym

20 most annoying things at the gym

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20 most annoying things at the gym

Gyms or fitness centres are a great, we go there to better ourselves physically, lose weight, get stronger etc. But some things make it difficult to do.

I recently took up a weight loss challenge which has been going well, along the way however I have come across many things and types of people that just get on my nerves. About 2 weeks ago I began noting down on my phone everything that has irked me in some way.

Maybe this can work as therapy for me to help let my aggression towards these things out…


So here goes my Top 20 Most Annoying Things At The Gym:


1. Onion Man. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s that guy at your gym who smells of raw onions. Every gym has at least one. How do you stink before you’ve even begun working out?


2. People taking the elevator up 1 flight of stairs to get to the gym. Unless you’re disabled in some way, why do this? Use the stairs.


3. The guy who left a pool of sweat on the bench before I come to use it. Wipe it down man! Use a towel, an extra t-shirt or something!


4. The ‘pretty girl’ who ‘tip-toe jogs’ in the park. Run properly and don’t be so afraid to break a sweat.


5. The guy on the treadmill in the foil tracksuit. It’s not that serious dude.

foil suit
Not a good look, even if it does help you lose weight.

6. Men that try to pick-up women as they work out. I’m pretty sure most girls don’t come to the gym to meet guys. Stop it, it’s pervy. I’ve tried to start working out with headphones on but that doesn’t seem to work. Also see number 20.


7. Vibram five finger shoes. They just creep me out…

Nike+ chip on Vibram FiveFingers Bikila
Vibram FiveFingers. Just look at them. They’re wrong!

8. Camel Toe. In every way, shape and form.


9. Guys posing in the mirror after each exercise. No explanation necessary.


10. People not putting dumbells/weights back when they’re done. If you’re strong enough to lift all that weight why can’t you re-rack them when you’re finished?


11. Throwing the weights on the floor and making all kinds of noise. Stop the showboating, no-one cares about the amount of weight you can lift.


12. Losing my locker key. Kinda trivial, but it’s happened three times in the past month.


13. That really talkative guy. 90% chat 10% working out. Nothing wrong with socialising but come on. Do what you gotta do and leave.


14. Guys that always shadow box in the mirror after every set. Why do so many guys do this?


15. The noisy reps guy. “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOOOUR…” Subtext being “Hey everybody! Look at me, I’m lifting weights.”


16. The dude who just turned up to gym wearing jeans. I hope they are the stretchy kind.


17. Socks and sandals. There is nothing right about this.


18. Texting/Speaking on your phone in the gym. I really hate this. Stop it, stop it now.


19. The Watcher. The guy who stands staring at you instead of asking you how long until you’re done on a certain piece of equipment. It’s all the fun of having a prison warden watching you train without being in prison.

the watcher
The Watcher
“I’ll just watch you until you’re finished, don’t mind me.”


20. The Coach/Pervert dude. He always knows where you’re going wrong and knows exactly what you need to do to get better results. He sometimes finds it necessary to touch/caress you to help explain where you may be going wrong.


So there you have it. I feel a weight has been lifted. I hope this list has entertained you, maybe you can relate to some of them.


If you can relate to any of these Top 20 Most Annoying Things At The Gym feel free to add some of your own in the comments below!



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