Top 3 Best Machines to use at the Gym

Best Machines to use at the Gym best gym machines

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Top 3 Best Machines to use at the Gym

We’ve put together the ‘Top 3 Best Machines to Use at the Gym‘ so that next time you go to the gym you can take a closer look at all the great machines you choose to never use. If you try one, you may take a liking to it and create a new workout routine. Everyone who has been to the gym has ignored at least one machine, maybe you feel a bit intimidated or you don’t have enough time. In some cases, it was more than one machine, and you don’t use it because you don’t want to deviate from your normal workout routine.

Next time you’re at the gym, try at least one of the following machines.

1. The Stair Climber – Excellent for Toning Your Legs and Buttocks

Best Machines to use at the Gym best gym machines
This machine is not as popular as it was during the Jane Fonda era but is still one of the best machines to use at the gym. People rarely use it in their regular workout routines. This is unfortunate because stair climbers are very effective machines. The amount of calories you can lose on a stair climber surpasses what you can lose on a treadmill. Since you use muscles such as your calves, hamstrings, and glutes to complete reps. The stair climber is definitely not to be ignored.

2. The Rowing Machine – Great Upper Body Workout

Best Machines to use at the Gym best gym machines
This machine hardly ever gets any use, even on busy days at the gym. For the most part, it sits around and collects dust, or it acts as a shelf or footrest. If you do use this machine regularly, you will notice a change in your entire core, including your quads, glutes, back, and shoulders. This is certainly not one of the gym machines to avoid because it does so much for the body. Definitely one of the best machines to use at the gym.

3. TRX and Suspension Trainers – Great For A Full Body Workout

Best Machines to use at the Gym best gym machines
Have you ever seen the belts hanging down from a pole? This is the swing or suspension trainer that rarely gets any use. They do look a bit intimidating to the inexperienced but do give them a try, there is a huge variety of workouts you can do with them. Since it is just a belt, people assume it is ineffective. They couldn’t be more wrong, these belts can provide a total-body workout both quickly and effectively. By adjusting your body to control the resistance, you will get the most out of this simple looking contraption. If you’re unsure about them

As with anything in the gym space that you may be unsure about, don’t forget where possible it is a good idea to ask a member of staff to show you how to use a machine or piece of equipment that you are not too sure how to use, I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you out.

Hopefully you enjoyed our top 3 list of the best machines to use at the gym,

Danny Loeb.


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