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Top 4 – Best Gym Bags for Work

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Whether you’re hauling heavy-duty gear to the gym for an after-work workout, working out before you head to the office, it’s vital to have a good quality gym bag, so we’ve put together a review of 4 of the Best Gym Bags for Work.

Below we have collated four gym bags, with special consideration given for durability, practicality, and comfort, making them ideal for your daily needs or extended wear.

These gym bags won’t be holding you back!

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Adidas Street Toploader


Available in black or in tan camouflage, this beast of a bag combines the best of style and substance. The distinctive urban aesthetic is executed in highly durable nylon ripstop. At the same time, the functional toploading design allows for easy packing and unpacking.

The tough material means this bag can take a beating when it comes to heavy equipment. Two side pockets, a front pocket and a top pouch all come together to increase the useable capacity so that you can make the most out of the 31.5l liter space this bag offers.


The adjustable buckle-strap is a super versatile closure. It means that, whether you have under or overpacked, your belongings are safely secured as you tighten or loosen the straps accordingly. And the adaptable shoulder straps make for a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience.

This is a very durable bag, which is sure to be by your side for many years to come due to the build quality and materials used.

Tactical Bag


This bag really emulates the military-style backpack with its multiple compartments which is a really popular design right now.

Designed for action. A durable outer lining combined with a thick, but malleable inner insulation work together effectively to keep out most weather. Meanwhile, ventilated mesh padding on the straps and back ensure comfortable long-term wear.

Don’t be scared to stuff it to the brim with all of your workout equipment. Molle webbing on the front and sides expands the already substantial 40l capacity, making it handy for carrying bulky equipment or sweaty clothes.


Two front pouches and two main compartments are accessed with highly resistant and user-friendly zippers, equipped with handy pull cords for ease of handling.

Side and front compression straps also keep your bag compact and secure no matter how much you’ve crammed in.

This bag is compatible with hydration bladder systems, so you can take it with you on your longer adventures as well.

In fact, it’s designed to function as a standalone 3-day outdoor bag. Whether you’re off to the gym or heading out into the unknown, this is a good one to have on your back.

MIER Base Camp Duffel

Backpack or duffel bag? This bag offers you the best of both worlds, the MIER Camp Duffel is a versatile and adaptable gym bag that meets your needs no matter the occasion.


The sturdy and comfortable shoulder straps can be easily attached or detached according to the situation. When using the backpack function, the adjustable sternum strap ensures long-term wearability with room for all types of workout gear including training shoes.

If you do decide to use the duffel bag function, four heavy-duty grab handles are at your disposal, making for a bag that handles easily from any angle.

The durable, water-resistant tarpaulin body is reinforced with a double-layered tear-resistant floor panel and weather-protected MIER zippers. This bag can withstand whatever you and the weather throw at it.

Inside the bag, you’ll find numerous compartments to help you organize your stuff, great for storing supplements, toiletries, and whatever little bits and pieces you may need to carry, not forgetting this bag includes a shoe compartment.

On the outside, daisy chain loops and “D” rings on the straps are perfect for adding on extra attachments or gear, allowing you to expand if needed.

The awesome addition of compression straps help compress the bag when carrying the larger loads.

45, 60 or 90l capacity of this model is also available.

Mardingtop 40l Duffel Backpack


Another one which offers the best of both worlds. This versatile and adaptable bag is a great option for work, gym, carrying bulky equipment or venturing into the great outdoors.

The Mardingtop Duffel Backpack is just as comfortable in the city as in the real forest. The body is made out of durable anti-theft tear-resistant fabric which is also water-resistant, so it’s got your back no matter what.

Heavy-duty adjustable shoulder and crossbody straps mean you can step out in confidence whether you’re wearing it in backpack or duffel mode. Still, all the straps remain easily detachable for maximum versatility.

The spacious main compartment contains a padded pouch for valuables, and side and front pockets allow for easy organization of items you need easy access to. The front pockets are also surprisingly spacious.

If you wanted to build on the 40l capacity, molle webbing across the sides is the perfect way to attach extra gear or bags securely. This bag is therefore ideal for both longer and shorter adventures!

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