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Top 5 Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss

the-best-bathroom-scales-for-weight-loss Top-5-Best-Bathroom-Scales-for-Weight-Loss

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Top 5 Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss

It’s that time of the year when many people decide to lose weight.

The first port of call is of course a good set of bathroom scales. But there is nothing as demotivating as sweating hard for a week only to have the boring impersonal analogue scale just give back a number that doesn’t delve any deeper and give you more information. Things like fat content, muscle mass and water weight.

Here are the ListedFit top five picks of the Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss listed from least to most highly recommended, guaranteed to help you make those perfect body dreams come true much faster.

5. Withings WS50

(Best price on Amazon)

Withings WS 50 Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

Being listed as one of the best bathroom scales on the market mainly due to it being so feature rich, the Withings WS50 is definitely a small-scale to be reckoned with. Features include a heart rate monitor, an air-quality sensor along with a body fat and body mass index calculation.


  • The heart rate monitor gives you an instant indication of your overall fitness based on your resting heart rate – the lower it is, the fitter you are.
  • The air quality sensor encourages you to ensure proper ventilation so that proper oxygen levels are maintained in your body – which is essential to good health.


  • The comparatively high price was obviously an issue.
  • The body fat accuracy is not very high.
  • Good for a quick check but does not deliver the kind of accuracy in readings that manual tests using skin callipers can.
Withings WS 50 Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

Best Feature?

The Withings app, compatible with both iOS and Android. The set up is very easy, and it can be integrated with other fitness apps too. My main problem with weight loss was checking my progress. I don’t have the time to record data and construct intricate graphs and analyse trends! The app plots changes of your progress in various parameters and allows you to set goals and acts as a huge wake-up call to burn those calories. You can even share your progress on social media if you want to. Pretty cool.

4. Ozeri Touch

(Best price on Amazon)

Ozeri Touch Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

For its price this scale boasts of features that are worth far more. The maximum weight capacity is 440lbs and the technology employed delivers higher precision measurements. The design is elegant, made with reflective and high quality tempered glass. The features gave me a good idea of exactly where I stand regarding my health and helped shape my diet and exercise regime.


  • The scale not only measures your weight but also calculates your body fat, hydration levels, muscle mass, and bone index.
  • Auto recognition so that the machine knows it’s you!
  • The inbuilt memory stores up to 8 user profiles, and allowed my family of 4 to all use the scale with ease!


  • I noticed that measuring your body parameters at different hours every day caused a disparity between day to day readings
  • To avoid fluctuations, I had to decide a daily time to use the Ozeri touch and stick to it.
  • Another slight drawback and why it wasn’t higher in this best bathroom scales list was that the auto recognition fails when two people have a very similar physical profile, which was the case with my friend and me
Ozeri Touch Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

Best feature?

For me, the infant tare technology was the most impressive and unique feature. It let me measure my dog’s weight (which has to be done regularly as she is a tad overweight) without the usual hassle.

3. Garmin Index Smart Scale

(Best price on Amazon)

Garmin index smart scale Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

As with the Ozeri touch, this small scale also measures body weight, fat, water content, muscle and bone mass, but with even greater accuracy. So it belongs in this best bathroom scales lift.


  • Bodyweight is measured in kilograms, stone and pounds; it was useful for me as I tend to switch between kilograms and pounds. The Garmin display is large, bright and easily legible.
  • This scale employs auto recognition too, but it trumps Ozeri in this aspect
  • It stores the profiles of up to 16 users!
  • It can be easily connected to your smart phone with a smooth, glitch free set up.
  • Being Wi-Fi connected, it enables easy wireless syncing with your ‘Garmin Connect’ account.


  • Scale I tested did not sit properly on the ground and it rocked a little, I had another one sent to me which was fine. Watch out for this if you decide to go for it.
  • There can be a few problems while linking Garmin connect to My Fitness Pal app.
  • Since the scale uses bioelectrical impedance for body fat analysis data, people with internal medical devices like pacemakers won’t be able to use this product.

Garmin index smart scale-min Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

Best feature

All of your data is instantly recorded and uploaded to your Garmin Connect account via Wi-Fi. This, in my opinion, is a very convenient method and lets you access your records whenever you want. You can also add other uses to your account by inviting them, which is awesome for those trying to lose weight with a partner!

2. Tanita BC571

(Best price on Amazon)

Tanita BC571- Best Bathroom Scales

For a relatively low price, the Tanita BC571 body composition monitor comes with some top-notch specifications. Along with precise calculation of weight, body fat, muscle and bone mass, and water content, the Tanita also provides a unique physique rating. Using this, I could track my physique and monitor my progress or lack of it in sync with my fitness routine.


  • A daily graph, 52 weekly graphs, and 36 monthly graphs are available for each user for all the included parameters
  • The LCD display with glass casing in white makes it a very stylish product to add to my home gym
  • The daily calorie intake calculator also acts as an excellent way to keep an eye on what you consume every day and motivated me to stick to my diet.
  • The inclusion of a guest profile makes it easy for a friend to check the healthy range in a one off manner.


  • The device only stores four user profiles, which is rather low for the price.
  • It can be rather annoying when you are unable to read the display while standing on it, and until you know your way around the scale, the buttons and icons do take some getting used to.
Tanita BC571 Best Bathroom Scales

Best feature?

I would have to say that the Tanitas most special feature is its exclusive visceral and abdominal fat percentage calculator. It is a stroke of brilliance and has proved invaluable to me in keeping track of how healthy I am and how my internal organs (especially my heart) might be doing. But not enough to top the best bathroom scales list!

The Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss is…

1. Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

(Best price on Amazon)

Smart Weigh Body Fat digital precision scale Best_Bathroom_Scales Best Bathroom Scales

A very reasonably priced scale equipped with great features which is mainly why I consider it the top of my best bathroom scales list– pretty much everything you need to keep track of your daily measurements without having to download any apps and involve any extra devices. This scale just does what you need it to and does it very well. A nice sleek contemporary design. The hourglass shaped design on the compact, tempered glass platform even served as a subtle motivator!


  • Measures all the necessary vitals (weight, fat, bone and muscle mass) using advanced BIA technology and thoughts delivers impressive accuracy.
  • Very little basic data needs to be entered into the device for this
  • User recognition stores up to 8 profiles, perfect for large family teaming up to get in shape together.
  • Set up is straightforward enough, even for those who are not very tech savvy
  • Large max weight capacity of 200 kg


My own experience was entirely satisfactory; however:

  • Not recommended that the scale is used by pregnant women.
  • Not possible to pair with a smart phone, which for some could be considered a drawback, but for me I’m ok with that.

Best feature

While the price could certainly be taken as the best part of it, I’d have to favour the high precision of the readings on the scale. It is the best in this aspect that I have used thus far.

Why you would love these weight scales?

There are other things you must consider if you are trying to lose weight, such as sleep. Having adequate sleep. Studies have proven that weight loss is directly related to how much sleep you get. This is because without proper sleep, the body’s metabolism doesn’t function properly leading to weight gain.

These weight scales can help you on your weight loss journey. Precise and accurate, you could look at keeping a daily track record to monitor your progress easily. And features such as auto recognition just make things a whole lot more cooler. So take your pick, and step up to a healthier and fitter you today.

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