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Top 5 Butt Exercises To Firm Up and Tone Your Rump – VIDEO

Top 5 Butt Exercises To Firm Up and Tone Your Rump – VIDEO

Butt, bum, booty, buns whatever you want to call them. A tighter, firmer butt seems to be the desire and goal of a lot of people today. If you start using Katerina’s butt exercises right now, you will find a good butt workout can and will do wonders for your figure.

One of the largest groups of muscles in the body are the glutes, or gluteal muscles. This is an area that many people want to tighten and tone. It is actually fairly easy to exercise these muscles by isolating them in a workout for the buttocks.

Top 5 Butt Exercises To Firm Up and Tone

Here Katerina Popkova, renowned personal trainer at LegallyFit.co.uk  shows us a great butt workout routine consisting of 5 butt exercises that can be done with no equipment whatsoever.


The Butt Workout consists of:

1. Kneeling Leg Lift/Leg Raises

Abdominal and back muscles are targeted in this exercise, and it isolates the large buttock muscles—the gluteus maximus—as well. It also works the muscles in the back of the thighs known as the hamstrings. To perform this exercise, get on your hands and knees with the knees hip width apart. Have your back flat and line up your hands right under your shoulders.
Lift your right leg and stretch it behind you as high as you can, straight into the air. Stay in control of the motion as you move your leg up and then down. Repeat with the left leg.


2. Bridge

This is a body-weight exercise called the hip bridge or the butt bridge. Lie on your back on the floor. Lift your buttocks as high as possible as you keep your pelvis neutral. Do not hyper-extend your spine. This exercise is recommended by fitness professionals to stabilize the trunk and strengthen the hips of healthy individuals.


3. Donkey Kick/Kickbacks

You do not need any equipment, experience or a spot-trainer to perform this exercise. Few exercises require so little to produce such big results. Other names for the donkey kick exercises include bent-leg kickbacks and quadruped hip extensions. No matter what name it goes by, if you work this exercise into your fitness routine you will tighten, tone and strengthen your bottom.


4. Lunge

Stand with your feel apart even with the width of your hips for the front lunge. Step one leg forward in a wide stance. The wider your stance, the more focus you will have on your gluteal muscles. Go down until your back knee nearly touches the floor, while keeping your core tight. Rise and step back to the starting position. As you descend, check that the toes are in front of the knees. If your toes are not ahead of the knees. make your stance wider to avoid damage to your knee joints. Do not bow as you descend to avoid excessively stressing your lower back.


You can use all of these butt exercises for women to get in a good butt workout daily until you reach your goal. As you put the needed effort into your butt workout, you will begin to see great results and a firm butt that will look great in all your clothes. They do not take a lot of time and you will be very pleased with how you look and how you feel about yourself. No matter what your experience or fitness level to start, you will see great improvement.

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