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Top 9 Ways To Tell If Your Workout is Working


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Life changes when you begin working out, a lot of things seem different. You may be wondering to yourself ‘Is my workout working?’ Well, here is my run-down of 9 Ways To Tell If Your Workout is actually Working.

1. Climbing Stairs Feels Easier Than Before

You’ve got that extra spring in your legs out of nowhere. Your legs have gotten stronger and it’s definitely a good thing!

2. Clothes Don’t Fit Like They Did Before

Whether your regular t-shirts now fit more like muscle t-shirts, or your pants feel a bit roomier in the waist, your body has changed which shows significant progress.

3. You’re More Aware Of The Protein Content In Foods

You’re able to look at any food and make an estimation of how much protein/carbs/fat it may contain before you decide to eat it.

Following a meal plan or counting calories for any amount of time makes you more aware of what you eat and the ingredients your food contains, which makes you look at the makeup of a plate of food in a completely different way than before.

4. People Notice The Change

Your friends/family start commenting on how you look different – These are people who see you regularly, so any changes are more apparent to them. Keep up the good work.

5 You’re Looking Forward To Summer

You wanna wear shorts and vests this summer to show off your improved physique. Wearing swimwear doesn’t scare you like it used to.

6 You’re Feeling A Lot More Confident

7 People You Live With Think Your Blender Is Too Loud

You’re buying more fruits and vegetables and blending them into your own delicious protein smoothies and at least one person has made a point about your blending activities.

8 You Have Way More Energy Than You Did Before

You’re eating a lot better, you have made sure you’re getting the right macro numbers and nutrients and as a result, your energy levels are much better!


9 You Realize A Lot Of The Stuff You Once Believed Is Nonsense

A lot of the stuff you believed to be true before just doesn’t make sense now that you have actually tried a lot of them out for yourself. Lots of the Instagram and Pinterest posts talking about quick fixes to losing weight and gaining muscle just don’t make sense to you and you can see it much clearer now.

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