Training Tips for Tall Guys

training tips for tall guys2

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Training Tips for Tall Guys

It’s tougher being tall and skinny than people will give you credit for. It’s hard for you to consume enough calories to put on weight, and sometimes it seems that no matter how much you eat, you never gain mass where you really want it. It can’t be that hard to get the muscle, weight, and strength that you’re looking for.

Surely there’s an effective way for someone with a fast paced metabolism to really get the results that they want, with effective steps to help with muscle gain for tall guys.

We’re here to tell you that it’s definitely possible, and people do it all the time. The goal is to gain the weight properly, not simply eat junk food to gain a belly, because gaining belly fat will not stay on your body if you start exercising. The real goal is to hit it hard and quick in the gym with simple exercises with light cardiovascular workouts, then quickly following it up with a large meal at the dinner table full of the right foods to get your body the protein and vitamins it needs to build muscle rapidly.

Getting Your Build- Workout

The key to really seeing bulk build on is to workout, but not to overdo it. The point here is to get enough exercise to create muscle, but not so much exercise that you’re burning too many calories. Remember, you’ve got to make up any extra calories (BMR calories + 500 extra calories to get extra nutrients and essential fats), and the important part is working out for a very balanced, light- yet-strenuous workout, 3 times a week.

On the first day, complete 4 sets of 5 lifts for each set, resting a minute between each set. Day 3, do three sets, with 10 reps each set; resting a minute and a half between sets. On the 5th day, do three sets, and strive for 12-15 reps each set, resting for a minute to a minute and a half between each set.

1. Squats

After setting up the barbell on the supports of a squat rack; step underneath the bar, then squeeze your shoulder blades, letting the bar touch your back around your upper trapezoids. Slowly nudge the bar off the rack, take a few steps back, and set your feet shoulder width apart. Then take a deep breath, slowly bending your hips, keeping your back slightly arched, bending your knees and lowering your body as you squat to a position where your thighs are parallel to the floor, and explode back up to your starting position, making one rep.

2. Clean and Press

Start with a barbell on the floor, in a crouched position. Grab it with your hands spread, shoulder-width apart. With your back arched naturally, but making sure you aren’t bent over at all, explosively stand up, straightening the arch in your back. While straightening the arch, come to the balls of your feet, and when the bar rises to chest level, flip your wrists over, letting your palms face the ceiling lifting your arms into the bottom position of a shoulder press. Then you press the bar straight above your head; then reverse the motion, returning the weight to the floor, making one rep.

When your back is rounded pulling the weight to the floor, then perform the exercise, starting again with the bar just above knee height, and muscle the weight up from there.

3. Pull-ups

To do a standard pull-up on a pull-up bar with overhand grips, put your hands on the bar, about shoulder width apart, and allow your body to hang, then pulling yourself up until your chin is over the bar, then lowering yourself back to the starting position for one rep. If you’re doing 5 or 6 pull-ups and you’re really skinny, you might want to add weight by using a belt or even holding a dumbbell between your feet or even use an exercise band to perform more reps (like the 10-15 rep sets), even investing in a jump stretch band to get the most work for your buck.


Eating to Build Muscle

Step one on eating to build muscle means writing down everything you’re eating to tabulate total calories, adding extra servings to your meals and sometimes even an extra meal in between lunch and dinner to guarantee an extra 500 additional calories above your Body-To-Mass ratio (there’s a great calculator here: that will help you figure out how many calories you’re supposed to be eating to add from to beef out.

Step Two to Building Mass involves attempting to eat between a half a gram to a full gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. This means that if you weigh about 150 pounds, you should be aiming to eat approximately 90- 120 grams of protein daily.

This is best achieved by eating foods that are the highest in healthy unsaturated fats, especially those found in nuts (peanuts, pistachios, pecans), seeds (sunflower, flax) and other oils that are healthy for your heart over pure meat or egg protein. Eating unsaturated fatty foods makes it easier to get those extra calories and proteins you need without choking down extra large portions or overwhelming yourself with extremely heavy meals.


Find a Healthy Balance That Works For You

With these two guides to eating how you need to, and working out efficiently you’ll find you’ll gain as much as 5-10 pounds a week until your diet peaks out and you reach a new average weight.

If you maintain an exercise routine that focuses on chest building exercises and other exercises to work out your legs, you’ll find that it’s much easier to build heavy, weighted muscles instead of being stuck with sinewy thin muscle tones, which is great for your ego, and excellent for your health. Waiting until your metabolism slows down to gain healthy weight is a sure way for relatively healthy people to fall into unhealthy habits that lead to type 2 diabetes and other various health diseases.

Training Tips for Tall Guys

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