How To Get Rid of Bingo Wings – My Powerspin Review

By Bianca James •  Updated:  •  4 min read

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I have often wondered how to get rid of bingo wings.

I never thought I would end up with bingo wings at all, but after significant weight gain with pregnancy, my arms became much flabbier than I would like and for years I’ve felt very self-conscious wearing sleeveless tops in summer.

Late Night Shopping


I was up late one night, flipping through the TV channels, a commercial for a product called a Powerspin came on.

I thought I would watch it and learn more about the “latest product on the market”.

Though I had pretty much figured this was one of those promising products that would not deliver, I have to admit I became somewhat intrigued.

When I told my husband I had ordered a Powerspin to get rid of my bingo wings, he laughed at me.

Mainly because he had seen just how well my Thighmaster worked (it’s still in the bottom of our closet to this day) so he was betting my interest in this fitness gadget would fade away and it might end up somewhere in storage.


(The video that reeled me in)

So I Ordered One

When my Powerspin came in the mail, I was a little embarrassed to try it out so I waited until my husband left the house.

I wasn’t going to have him laughing in the background while I used it.

After I had read through all of the instructions and watched the introductory video, I was ready to give it a try.

My first go on the Powerspin, was a little tricky.

I found no matter how hard I tried, I could not get that little ball to spin around the tube.

I had almost given up when I went to the website and looked through their FAQ section.

It turned out, I was not creating the right motion with my full arm.

bingo_wings_powerspin_review how to get rid of bingowings

Once I got the hang of it, that little ball went really fast and I found my arm muscles beginning to burn with more intensity each time I made the ball spin faster.

I became so addicted to keeping that perfect spinning rhythm on the ball that I actually didn’t even realise six minutes had passed.

My Results Using the Powerspin to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

I won’t lie to you and tell you every bit of my sagging skin went away.

What I did notice is the more I used my Powerspin, the firmer my upper arms became.

Though it wasn’t getting rid of the sagging skin, I was gaining a bit of muscle and arm tone and definition so the skin seemed to shrink or at least be less noticeable.

My arms felt good after a few sessions with it.

After six weeks of use, I have definitely noticed less wobble in my arms and my husband has even noticed too, he said my arms feel more toned and he didn’t even know I’ve been using my Powerspin so much.

I even caught him trying it out one day, and yes, I did laugh at him!

My Final Thoughts on The Powerspin

If you are looking for a miracle product to get rid of bingo wings and give you the arms of a twenty-year-old model, this isn’t it.

No product can give that kind of result. I bought this product with no expectations and was amazed it actually did what it said it would do.

As I said, it did not remove my sagging skin, only surgery can do that.

What it did give me is a firmer, more toned arm so the skin looked less unattractive and greatly decreased the amount of bingo wing wobble in my arms.

If you simply want an easy product to help you get rid of bingo wings and make them less noticeable, then you should definitely consider trying a Powerspin.

It’s fun, easy to use and gives results.

how to get rid of bingo wings

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