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Water Fitness – Are you in the know?

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Water Fitness – Are you in the know?

So many people are obsessed with keeping fit, whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, and tone up or to simply keep healthy. They talk about going on runs, jogging, fitness classes, weight lifting or just going to the gym. But the one thing that people are often overlooking is water fitness.

Exercising in Water

Exercising in water is the most beneficial form of exercise there is and with Aqua Jogging, Aqua Fitness and Aqua Zumba, just to name a few, it is clear Swimming is not just the chosen form of exercise for old people on which it has previously been perceived as.

Most exercises on land can create terrific strain on joints, bones and muscles, creating long-lasting skeletal and muscular problems. This maybe surprising to you, especially considering it is meant to have so many health benefits. Whereas exercising in water reduces these stresses greatly as the resistance of the water reduces the “weight” of an individual by about 90%, because of this it is unlikely that a water workout will result in injury or leave you with sore muscles.

Nevertheless even though exercising in water doesn’t hurt, this does not mean the work out is not as effective. Water exercise can incorporate all components of fitness, including cardiovascular, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. Also when done regularly, exercising in water can help reduce body fat too.

Replacing weights

Individuals who incorporate weight training as a main part of their gym routine, are aiming to build strength in their arms. The resistance created within the water during water fitness is perfect for strength training because the water itself is the resistance, simply pushing and pulling the water away from you creates the perfect resistance to build up muscle. Also using accessories such as foam weight’s to build a more intense resistance for your workout helps even more.

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Flexibility is a major benefit of water fitness exercise, because gravity is lessened, you can move and stretch with ease into certain positions which are quite difficult on land. This gives you a wider range of stretching without any risk of over stretching or tearing.

Water yoga is very popular, as the buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to support the body in all directions, making yoga poses easier. Over time practicing these poses in the water will lead to greater strength and stability.

water fitness

Fat burning

Most people don’t go swimming because they feel they need to incorporate more cardiovascular work into their regime for weight loss, but in fact water exercise can significantly help with individuals who are overweight. This is due to the fact that walking and running in water requires more effort which in turn burns more calories, this is due to the resistance within the water being greater than on land.

It is also proven during a Texas A&M research laboratory study that participants lost a higher amount of body fat using underwater treadmills rather than a regular treadmills.

All in all it is safe to say that yes, water exercises are excellent for people with injuries, disabilities and older people. But it is also a more realistic, beneficial and successful form of workout for individuals who wish to lose weight, gain muscle and become a healthier, toned people. So get yourself some good swimwear and get yourself down to the nearest pool, it is the most popular form of exercise in countries like America and Australia so let us get in on the action. Happy swimming people!



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