Weight Training for Women – The FAQs

Proper weight training is important if you are a woman working out; if you make a point of just focusing on cardio exercise you are not getting the benefit of a full and complete workout.


Weight Training for Women – The FAQs


Some of the questions that women ask most frequently about weight training and weight loss are as follows:

1.) Will weight training make my body muscular?

Most women of course, do not want to develop masculine looking muscles, which is one reason why they tend to avoid lifting weights. However, the reality is that as women’s bodies contain no testosterone, it is virtually impossible for a woman to develop the muscle that men frequently do. Instead of getting muscles, you will find that your body becomes more fit and toned, once you start using weights regularly.


2.) What are the dangers and risks?

Women tend to believe that they are just not designed to carry weights, or train with weights and understandably wonder if there are any risks involved. There is no chance of serious injury as long as you are sensible and carry out your training under the guidance of a professional trainer, and women’s bodies are actually surprisingly capable of training with weights.

 Weight Training for Women

3.) Will my chest size increase if I weight train?

Even if you are weight training specifically to increase your chest size, it simply is not possible that this will happen. The size of the breasts is not affected by lifting weights, as this activity has no effect on the fatty tissue that comprises the breasts. If you have avoided weight training for that reason, it is time to reconsider!


4.) Why should women weight train?

Weight training is actually more beneficial than just doing cardio exercises alone, as it helps to increase bone density, and generally make the bones stronger. This can be a big benefit as you age. This type of routine also has various other benefits; it can improve the body’s metabolism, allowing you to burn calories more quickly, and it can even reduce your chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Weight Training for women

5.) Will muscle convert into fat?

Some women believe that any muscle that has been developed during weight training will turn back into fat once they stop exercising. This is another myth, and the fatty parts of our body and the muscles are very different. However, both women and men often discover that if they have been exercising for a length of time and then they stop, that their muscles become somewhat flabby and loose.

If you have dismissed weight training for some or all of the reasons described above, it is time to rethink your approach to getting fit, achieving weight loss and keeping those calories off.

If you belong to a gym and are just not sure where to start, the fitness instructor will be happy to help you and get you started. The fact is that women can benefit from weight training just as much as men can, although it affects their bodies in a different way.


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