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What Is Protein? – Why is Protein so Important for our Bodies?

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Hailing its name from the Greek word “proteios” which means “of prime importance,” proteins are essential for optimal living.

Diet protein, along with carbohydrates and lipids are vital for your bodies to function properly during day to day activities. Made up of amino acids chained together by peptide bonds, proteins boost the body’s immunity, transport oxygen in the bloodstream, help with cell repairs, produce hormones, aid in blood clotting and balance bodily fluids.

There are technically 21 amino acids, nine of which are needed daily in a human’s diet. These essential amino acids are not stored in the body like fats and glucose, but rather, it is utilized as fuel in bodily functions. In order for a body to experience maximum benefits, one must consume complete diet protein consisting of the nine essential amino acids. Depending on the person’s metabolic activity, the consumption of protein diet foods will vary according to one’s required daily caloric intake.

Why is Protein so Important for our Bodies?

Protein is good for you because it has a number of specific abilities that keeps the body in tip top shape. By preventing the buildup of fluids in tissues or a condition diet proteinknown as edema, diet protein maintains fluid levels in the body. It simulates the motion of fluids in the body by attracting water in your capillaries, keeping the movement ongoing. Protein also maintains pH levels in the blood stream. When levels falter below or rise above the normal 7.4 acidity level, proteins will neutralize pH levels automatically. Once acidity increases, proteins remove excess hydrogen atoms. On the other hand, the same atoms are added into the blood stream when alkaline levels rise.


Diet protein is so crucial in bodily functions that every cell in the human system is structuredby a type of protein. They are also the instigators in the most basic chemical reactions that produce hormones and enzymes, beckon metabolic activity and strengthen the body’s immunity. In fact, antibodies are a type of protein that pursue any intruders that are foreign to the human system such as viruses and dangerous bacteria. Proteins also transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while aiding in the elimination of waste products. It is most famous for building lean muscle which retains endurance and strength levels in athletes.


The best source for diet protein is from animal products such as meat, milk and eggs. These contain all the essential amino acids and are high in a protein diet. Plant proteins can also provide for the daily dosage needed in the protein diet. Tofu, tempeh, lentils, edamame, spirulina and hemp seeds are also excellent plant-sourced proteins. It is crucial to stick to lean meat when choosing animal-sourced protein however, as most meat cuts can include portions of saturated fat. It is not a matter of how much protein you consume each day, but rather the type of proteins you consume. Your daily dose must contain all essential amino acids in the right proportion that your body requires. This makes it vital to create your diet high protein intelligently. Look for those that have one or two amino acids that your body needs daily and pair it with other types of protein that contain a different chain of amino acids in order to provide your day’s provision.

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