Why Are Japanese people wrapping themselves up like this?

There’s an interesting new trend happening in Japan right now called ‘Otonamaki,’

which directly translates to “adult wrapping”, it’s a Japanese therapeutic method meant to alleviate posture problems and stiffness and it is gaining traction around the country.


The idea comes from the similar name Ohinamaki which involves babies being wrapped in the same way to enhance physical development.


It was developed by a famous mifwife in Japan, and many who have tried it have seen great reeults. Results being a lot like a very intense session of Yoga where certain areas are stretched more thoroughly than they would be if you were to use you own strength. Being wrapped your body is put in a position and it stays there.

The massage is offered mainly to women, some of whom come to see it as an alternative to massage or physical therapy.

Would you try it?

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