Would you wear these glasses to improve your mood?

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The way you use light is very important to your well-being. If you use your mobile phone or stare at a computer screen too close to bedtime it’s a bad idea, due to the fact that the light they emit has been shown to disrupt your brain and make it more difficult to get a good nights sleep. Waking up on darker mornings are tough too due to the lack of light. We need the right sort of light at the right time of day in order to be at our best – that’s the idea behind light therapy. Light giving us the energy pretty much.

These Luminette glasses are just basically a pair of glasses that emit a strong blue-enriched light known to give an energizing effect on the user. They work on the principles of light therapy, promising to improve your mood, give you more energy and can also help with jet-lag. Sounds promising.

The data collected by Luminette themselves showed that those who used it had 58 percent more energy and recovered from jet lag twice as quickly.


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Luminette say: “Some people have a tough time waking up early in the morning and need to regulate their circadian clock so they use [light therapy] in the morning and it can help with alertness. It’s about setting that circadian clock so they are training themselves what time to get up on a regular basis and we’ll use light into help set that.”


It would be really interesting to try these out for myself, I currently use a light alarm clock which wakes me up with a simulated sunrise instead of a buzzing alarm sound which I find works pretty well. I’m just not so sure if I would find these light emitting glasses comfortable while I’m eating my breakfast!


More info on the Luminette glasses here.


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