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Yes You Can Do Yoga On Your Period

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yoga menstrual

Every woman menstruates in their lifetime. A woman starts to go through hormonal changes throughout their menstruation cycle and this occurs one time monthly. Unfortunately, it is highly likely for nearly every woman to experience problems during menstruation by way of stress, anxiety and mood swings. If you are one of those women who have tried different treatments to relieve pain and discomfort at this time of the month, you might want to consider yoga.

Yoga is an ancient healing method that exerts positive influences on our health and well-being. This happens because it helps to change the way that we feel, think, and respond to situations in life. In addition to that, Yoga is used as an alternative therapy to relieve fatigue and pain.

 Yoga On Your Period

Let’s Get Down To It 

Many believe that Yoga is one of the most natural and healthiest ways to treat menstrual problems. It is said that practicing different types of Yoga regularly can relief pain and influence the mind and body towards a healthier being. If you practice a form of Yoga, the Hatha, on a regular basis, the blend of poses, deep breathing and meditation will help you to have a healthy and pain-free life.

Women are often recommended to perform Yoga throughout their menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy to help ease discomfort during these times. Yoga can also help to reduce the premenstrual syndrome or PMS phase as regular practice can offset those symptoms.

You can experience PMS before the start of your menstrual cycle. PMS usually starts one or two weeks before and lasts until the beginning of the monthly period. PMS comes with symptoms such as headache, discomfort, irritability, insomnia, depression as well as suicidal tendencies and violent behavior at times.

There are different exercises that you could perform. Some of the poses that you could perform include:

The Bow Pose,

bow pose yoga for period

The Hero’s Pose,

hero pose yoga

The Head to Knee Pose,

head to knee pose yoga for period

The Cobbler’s Pose,

the cobblers pose yoga

Back to Spine Stretching Pose,

back to spine stretching pose

The Fish Pose.

the fish pose yoga

All these poses will basically help to improve the flexibility of your spine; lower the stress levels; tone your abdominal muscles, and regulate the endocrine system to restore hormonal balance. Furthermore, some of the Yoga poses will help to revitalize the energy centers within the body and balance the body functions. You can do some of these Yoga poses three to five times at the very least each day. While performing them, you would try to hold your body for about thirty seconds in the stretched position.

In addition to doing yoga, with a healthy diet with reduced portions of caffeine and meat as well as breathing exercises can help to control menstruation problems.


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