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Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky? Debunking the Myth

When it comes to fitness, weightlifting often poses the question: “Will lifting weights make me bulky?” The answer varies depending on individual goals, body types, and the specific weightlifting program one follows. With different approaches to weight training, you can achieve either a lean and toned physique or significant muscle mass gains. Understanding what defines […]

How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing When I Run? Choosing the Best Sports Bra For You

How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing When I Run? Whilst runner’s nipple is almost exclusively a male problem, the question of how do I stop my boobs bouncing when I run is one that women ask every time they put on their running shoes. Finding the right bra with good support can seem almost […]

The Truth About Inner Thigh Gaps

Are Inner Thigh Gaps ACTUALLY attainable? Most articles aren’t actually telling you the truth about Inner Thigh Gaps The truth about thigh gaps FINALLY explained   Looking at catwalk models, you realize that one requirement for being a model is height, usually found in their long legs. Along with long legs, these models also have […]

I’m Skinny With Cellulite – Is this Normal?

Is Being Skinny With Cellulite Normal? Recently I was asked by a client, “I’m skinny with cellulite, is this normal?  I thought it was only something bigger girls got.” A number of factors can influence the presence and visibility of cellulite in women such as the thickness of skin, body fat percentage, distribution of body fat, hereditary factors, […]

Fit Females – 10 Fitness Mad Celebrities

Many women work hard to keep their bodies fit and healthy while being in the public eye. For many, the work is somewhat easy since they are just maintaining their natural bodies. But what about the women who have gone through pregnancy? Would it not be more difficult to have to bounce back from the […]

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