Questions About Lifting Chalk You Were Afraid to Ask – FAQs

Some of us are just natural water benders. Our hands sweat a lot, affecting our grip on objects and often leaving a slimy feeling on them. Lifting weights at the gym requires firm grasping of the weights which can be hampered by sweaty palms. Lifters and calisthenics enthusiasts, here’s what you need to know. Why […]

The Truth About Fake Weights

Weightlifting is an intense exercise intended to achieve improved muscularity and physique. Some benefits of adding weights to your training include burning body fat, strengthening bones, avoiding injuries, and enhancing overall heart health. But some people like to exempt themselves from bearing the heaviness of real barbels and dumbbells. You may have seen online videos […]

Why Are Plyometric Boxes So Damn Expensive?!

If you like exercise that improves speed, agility, and overall body strength, you’re familiar with plyometric boxes. But did you know that physical therapists also use this equipment to perform exercises that help athletes prevent injury and accelerate rehabilitation? Additionally, using plyometric boxes effectively helps lose weight because of the high-intensity movements they encourage. However, […]

Are Barbell Pads and Weightlifting Gloves a Waste of Money?

A well-fitting workout outfit is essential whether you work out at home, outside, or at your local gym. It’s not only for fashion. It’s also to ensure comfortability and to boost confidence. However, is it the same for gym accessories?  Some gym enthusiasts say that certain training accessories are not conducive to training and are […]

Calisthenics FAQs – No Stupid Questions!

Using heavy training equipment isn’t the only way to achieve your ideal figure. Calisthenics is a low-resistance exercise that only requires your body weight for most activities with different levels and rhythms.  It’s an old form of exercise from Greece that became popular in the 19th century. Today it’s a warm-up or cool-down routine and […]

100 Pull-Ups a Day, The Brutal Truth

When it comes to working out, there are all sorts of different routines that people swear by. Some people prefer to do a lot of cardio, while others focus on lifting weights. And then there are those who focus on doing a lot of reps of a particular exercise – like pull-ups. Pull-ups are a […]

How to Record Yourself at the Gym Without Being A Douchebag – Our Top Tips

Fitness content is pretty much unavoidable, If you’ve ever watched fitness video content, there is a draw to watching someone work out. You get to see their form, their progress, and even what not to do. I regularly record myself to check what my form is like, and its the reason why many gyms have […]

More Than Kung Fu Shoes – Why You’re Wrong About Feiyue Shoes

The famous Feiyue shoes prove that not all products made in China are of low quality. It all started when a tire company in Shanghai, Da Fu Rubber Co., Ltd., used its excess rubber to make “plimsoll” in the 1920s. A plimsoll is a canvas shoe with a rubber sole that garnered its reputation for […]

Things People Get Wrong About Electrolyte Supplements – Electrolytes 101

Electrolytes are essential for humans to operate. An electrolyte imbalance in the body can lead to untoward signs and symptoms, including various illnesses. Although we hear electrolytes daily, and many people use the term when talking about nutrition and diseases, but what are electrolytes really?  We’ve answered some common questions about these minerals for you […]

Is Having a Longer Torso Better? What Are the Pros and Cons?

Did you know that your torso or trunk is your body‘s core? It includes the shoulders, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and back. It also protects your internal organs.  However, despite its many functionalities, people with longer torsos often worry about being unattractive. It’s because most think shorter torsos and long legs are more appealing. Moreover, having […]

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