Are Nike Air Force Ones Good for Working Out? You Might Be Surprised!

Since its initial release in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 collection has enjoyed immense success worldwide. It became known for its white color and design, making it stand out as more of a canvas than the regular shoes one can easily buy in typical malls and markets. But you might wonder, are Nike Air […]

More Than Kung Fu Shoes – Why You’re Wrong About Feiyue Shoes

The famous Feiyue shoes prove that not all products made in China are of low quality. It all started when a tire company in Shanghai, Da Fu Rubber Co., Ltd., used its excess rubber to make “plimsoll” in the 1920s. A plimsoll is a canvas shoe with a rubber sole that garnered its reputation for […]

Can You Workout in Crocs, or Is It a Terrible Idea?

Everyone knows Crocs are those shoes you either love or hate. Since they were released in 2002, they have gone through multiple revivals and seem to be having one of them now.  If you are here to find out, can you workout in Crocs, I want to give you the information you seek. The answer […]

Are Vans Good for Lifting? Have I Uncovered Something Here?

When you begin lifting, finding the right shoe is not always easy. There are so many shoes on the market. I’ve gone through countless pairs, including Vans, and I am here to help you learn if this shoe is right for lifting.  Wearing the wrong shoes while lifting can put you in danger. Believe me, […]

Nike Metcon 8 Review – An Improvement On The Previous?

This article is a transcript of the Nike Metcon 8 Review – Better Than the 7? and More video found on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe too! The Metcon 8s are finally here and I managed to get my hands on a pair. Are the Metcon 8s better than the 7s? And […]

Are Puma Shoes True To Size? – Read Before You Buy.

Most people already know that Puma is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world today. Puma started in Germany, all the way back in October 1948.  Apart from being familiar with the styles Puma have available, it’s often hard to get an answer questions like ‘are Puma shoes true to size?’ and ‘how […]

Upcoming Nike Metcon 8 – Changes Needed!

This article is a transcript of the Upcoming Nike Metcon 8 – Changes Needed! video found on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe too. As we all know, the Nike Metcon is considered the gold standard when it comes to all rounder cross training or CrossFit shoes. They are by […]

Are Skechers Bad for Your Feet? – Finally The Truth

Skechers are shoes that are loved or hated, depending on the person. Whether you love wearing them or cannot stand the thought, learning more about the brand and what it offers will help you understand why each side of the aisle feels the way they do about this iconic shoe.  Skechers USA Inc. founded in […]

Nike Superrep 3 – My Honest Opinion on Nike’s Latest HIIT Shoe

Nike has released the new Superrep 3 high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) shoes with ‘support stability’ as the main key idea behind them, as they should. As we all know, H.I.I.T. workouts can be very demanding on the feet and you must have the right sort of shoes for the job. The questions I want to […]

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