The Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $100 That Still Get the Job Done

Top 10 Basic Home Gym Equipment Essentials Everyone Should Own
gym bags for work.jpg

Are you Craving Carbs in the colder months?

I realized that I have been spending more time in the bread aisle of the supermarket lately. As I...

how to bulk up for tall skinny guys

How to Bulk Up – For Tall Skinny Guys

I spent most of my teenage life wanting to know how to bulk up. I was a tall skinny...


Blog – I Watched The Game Changers Movie and I’ve Not Been The Same Since

So I reluctantly watched the much-hyped 'Game Changers movie' on a recommendation from a friend one Sunday night. If...

Nike Air Monarchs Are So Hot Right Now and I Dunno What’s Going On!

I don't understand it, dad sneakers are cool again A simple search of the hashtag #airmonarch on Instagram will...


Top 9 Ways To Tell If Your Workout is Working

Life changes when you begin working out, a lot of things seem different. You may be wondering to yourself...


Would You Wear These? – Nike Slides with a Fanny Pack Attached!

Nike have just announced these in time for Summer, the Benassi Slides. Nike is set to release these Benassi...

squat-magic-review-does-squat-magic-really-work Squat-Magic-review-5 does the squat magic work

Could You Use The ‘Squat Magic’ Without Laughing Your A** Off?

Squat Magic fitness gadget promo... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihh3Vz-moy0 The most impressive thing is that everybody in this commercial keeps a straight...


FASCINATING: How an Archer’s Body Transforms Over Time

This fascinating 4-minute video by professional medieval archer Gary Chynne shows us exactly how an archer's body changes over time. The...

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