Reebok Legacy Lifter II Review – Are These the Right Shoes for You?

Reebok has released a new version of the Legacy Lifter and they’re called… the Legacy Lifter II. But will this new version be as good as the original and are these the right shoes for you? After several rigorous workouts, the Reebok Legacy Lifter II I’ve come to my conclusions. Unlike any other weightlifting shoe, […]

Is the Adidas AdiPower 3 Worth It?

Weightlifting shoes need a supportive design that boosts your lifting performance. I’ve tried various lifting shoes and seen how different each can be in stability, comfort, and durability. When the AdiPower 3 came out, I had to get a pair to see how it held up against its other counterparts.  The Adidas AdiPower 3 do […]

How to Choose a Good Doorway Gym Bar

Are you looking for workouts to strengthen your back, shoulders, and core? First-class pull-up bars are significant assets for exercises and strength training. So if you want to invest in a good, high-quality pull-up bar to intensify your drills, we scoured the internet and evaluated some of the best doorway gyms available. Pull-up bars are […]

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