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Nike Romaleos Review – One Year Later – How Have They Held Up?

One-Year-with-the-Nike-Romaleos How-Have-They-Held-Up

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Are you thinking about buying a pair of Nike Romaleos, and want to know how they hold up after a little over a year of use? 

This is an update as to how my Nike Romaleos have held up after almost a year and a half of use.…

I’ve used these Romaleos pretty frequently over this time, so I thought it would be good to report on any failings of the shoe to help you know more about them and inform your decision if you were considering buying a pair for yourself.

I find the problem with reviews online is they tell you about how great a product is, but not many reviewers revisit the product and show you how the product has held up after actually being used! 

So here we go!

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Have the Straps Stayed in Good Condition?

Now as you can see these Romaleos are fastened with laces and two velcro straps. 

Sometimes with velcro strapping on sports shoes or any shoe for that matter, the constant fastening and unfastening of the velcro can make the velcro stitching weaker and weaker over time. 

I haven’t noticed any weakening of the velcro strapping, all of the stitching is still in place which is kinda impressive. 

I’ve taken some extreme close-up pics to show you.

nike romaleos update 1

Can You Still Secure Them Well?

It’s important that not only the velcro stitching stays in good condition, it’s also important that the shoe can still be fastened properly so that you are secure. 

The strapping and fastening system on the Romaleos hasn’t shown any signs of weakness in the whole time I’ve been using them which has been great. 

To be fair I have treated these shoes pretty well, I mean they weren’t cheap! But I’m very happy that they have shown the durability that I assumed they would have in the first initial review I did of them. 

Has the Material Maintained Its Rigidity?

The material has maintained its rigidity pretty well. 

The tongue and heel area is made of a slightly tougher feeling material that I assumed might become flimsier and flimsier as the months rolled on and I used the shoes more frequently, but no, these shoes have stayed the same, 

Seriously though, why can’t Nike make all of their shoes like this?

Nike does sometimes release new colors of these shoes from time to time so it might be worth checking out the website to see if they’ve restocked on some of the more different colors.

Have You Experienced Heel Slippage with the Nike Romaleos 4?

A lot of people have asked if I have experienced any heel slip with these, and the answer is no I have not. 

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If you are concerned about getting the right sizing for weightlifting shoes, our ebook might help you. The ebook shows you the correct way to measure yourself for weightlifting shoes, click here to download.

Do the Nike Romaleos Run Big or Small?

I ordered these in my normal size, size UK13/US14 and they’ve been fine. 

I remember asking a Nike rep before I bought these about whether I should buy a different size. 

I reached out because some reviewers said that they run small. So I contacted Nike and the Nike rep told me to buy the size you normally buy Nike shoes in because the shoes are made with the knowledge that weightlifting shoes are not supposed to be very roomy. If they’re too roomy you’re going to have the problem of heel slippage which is something a lot of reviewers are complaining about. 

So with that logic, I followed her guidance and just bought my normal size, and the fit has been absolutely fine. Not had any problem at all. 

If you own these yourself let me know whether you went a size bigger and if you experience any heel slippage.

You don’t want your heels slipping, you want your foot to be planted and stationary in these shoes, especially if you’re lifting heavy weights, you need to feel planted and secure. 

So pay extra attention to the fit you get when you try these shoes on. If you have to order two pairs to be sure, then do that.  

How Has the Heel Held Up?

nike romaleos update 4

Now, if you didn’t know, the Nike Romaleos have a TPU cup on the heel that is of course formed as part of the raised heel. Some reviewers mentioned that this cup weakens, I can say that this heel is still as sturdy as day one.

What’s the Sole Condition Like?

With the sole. the sole has not worn down much at all, but I wouldn’t expect it to. 

I only wear these inside the gym and never outside on pavements. These shoes are hard and heavy and I think you would be crazy to wear them in any place other than a gym. So the sole of these shoes pretty much have no wear on them and are still really grippy, which is awesome.

What’s it like to Live with the Nike Romaleos? – Overall Conclusion

Overall, I have to say that these Romaleos have held up pretty well. 

There haven’t been any failings and they feel as good as the first time I tried them on. 

If you are thinking about trying the Nike Romaleos out for yourself, I would recommend them, but I would recommend you also check out the Nike Romaleos vs Savaleos video I made as it may help you decide if you are considering a weightlifting shoe with a raised heel. The Savaleos are quite similar.


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