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Upcoming Nike Metcon 8 – Changes Needed!


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As we all know, the Nike Metcon is considered the gold standard when it comes to all rounder cross training or CrossFit shoes. They are by far the most popular shoe in this space.

This video in anticipation of the new Metcon 8 which should drop any minute now, I’m going to look at some ‌things I want from the Metcon 8 and the things I hope Nike change with the new shoe

Don’t get me wrong, ‌the Nike Metcon 7 is a good shoe. It does a lot of things well and I personally think it deserves its place as probably the go to shoe for cross training, but it isn’t without its flaws. 

There are a few little things here and there that I hope Nike changes with the new Metcon 8 model.

Having used the Metcon 7s for a while, I’m going to briefly go through some ‌things I hope Nike does differently with the new Metcon 8 shoe.


The Things I Hope Nike Change with the Metcon 8:

  1. Comfort on longer runs. One problem with the Metcon 7 was that they weren’t very comfortable for longer distance running. Short distances were fine, but the feeling of the sole just wasn’t comfortable for me when running for long periods of time. Any distance over, say… two kilometers and you’re wishing you chose a different shoe. I hope that in the Metcon 8 Nike addresses this by maybe borrowing some ‌features in some of their other shoes like the Nike pegasus which I am quite a fan of for long distance running. Maybe if they go with a more stripped down, and lightweight sole in the Metcon 8 it’ll fix this problem and make running longer distances more enjoyable. 
  2. Fix the rope grip. I hope ‌they use a different type of rubber for the rope grip section on the medial side of the shoe. I’m not sure about other people, but these don’t work well on every type of rope. On some ropes, it’s great and really grippy but then I go to another gym with a different rope and the grip is non-existent. Maybe they could make the ridges more pronounced, change the design and texture of this section or make the actual rubber used in the construction of this section a little softer so that you’re more assured of a stronger grip. But that being said, not having as strong a grip on the ropes forces the muscles in your legs and groin to work harder, but for those who are competing or trying to beat personal bests, you may want this part to be as grippy as intended.
  3. React foam wasn’t to everybody’s liking. I know you can’t please everyone, but one of the more bold moves or most noticeable changes that came with the Metcon 7s was the addition of Nike React foam to the sole. The people that liked it really liked it, but those who hated it really hated it. Some feared that the Metcons were losing their purpose or their identity and just turning into a regular soft and squidgy training shoe and I get it. With squats and deadlifts, softness, and bounciness in the sole isn’t really something you should go for, but as this is an all rounder or a cross training/CrossFit shoe, users are going to be doing things like box jumps, burpees and jumping rope in them, so having React foam will help users feel more comfortable for those kinds of workouts. It’s a fine balance that needs to be met, really. So this is something that should be interesting – will the Metcon 8 have React foam or will it be taken away? My guess is that it will have React foam, but the interesting thing will be whether they’ll add more or take away, will the 8s go further down the road of softness or  get back on the road of being a hard, no nonsense flat shoe with minimal softness.

What About the Metcon 8 AMP Range?

One thing I hope they continue with is the AMP range, only from a vanity point of view, the AMP range are just normal Metcons, but they come in some really fun and outlandish color combinations. 


These color combinations have reached peak levels of boldness and I really like it. I can’t wait to see what color  combinations the AMP range for the Metcon 8 includes.

For people who have worn the Metcon 7, what features do you hope to see in the Metcon 8? 

Drop a comment and let me know.

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