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Top 10 Basic Home Gym Equipment Essentials Everyone Should Own

Whether you’re somebody who just doesn’t like going to the gym, you don’t have the time or you just like to work out in the comfort of your own home, we’ve put together exactly what you need to ensure you can stay fit. Whatever your goal is, this home gym equipment essential list is a […]

Top 4 – Best Gym Bags for Work

Whether you’re hauling heavy-duty gear to the gym for an after-work workout, working out before you head to the office, it’s vital to have a good quality gym bag, so we’ve put together a review of 4 of the Best Gym Bags for Work. Below we have collated four gym bags, with special consideration given […]

You’re Foam Rolling All Wrong! Hyperice VYPER 2.0 Review

VYPER 2.0 REVIEW, (Video Transcription) Welcome to another review, today I’m reviewing something very different. It’s basically a vibrating foam roller, and it’s made by Hyperice, a company synonymous with muscle recovery gadgets and implements. It’s called the Vyper 2.0, and according to the Hyperice website it’s the next generation of the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness […]

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