Brown Rice VS Black Rice: Which is REALLY Better For You? If you’ve recently made the switch from white rice to brown rice, you’re doing the right thing. But if you want to go even further and try something different and get even more nutrients from your diet there are some black rice benefits over brown you should consider. Black and brown rice are both low in fat and a great source of slow burning carbs.…

The amount of calories in food isn’t something we always think about. You may love snatching a cookie on an errand or in the supermarket, many of us do but the calories they contain are not so easy to get rid of as you may think. Many of the things we eat day to day contain more calories than we think, not only that, burning them off takes a lot more effort than we tend to assume also. Calories in…

It was time for a new blender,  I had outgrown my Nutribullet 900w mainly due to the limitations with how much ingredients you can fit in there. So after doing some research I happened upon the Ninja Ultima Blender, the price was good and the reviews looked decent so and I decided to give it
10 Health Benefits of Avocados You Probably Didn't Know About Avocados are considered as one of the limited whole foods that supply the body with all the vital amino acids that the body requires. Mashed-up avocados are frequently given to children as their initial solid food. They are rich in nutrients and healthy fats while
In our always connected world, we are constantly overwhelmed with health and diet information. With everyone from Dr. Oz to your next door neighbors claiming to be an expert in nutrition, it is easy to become overloaded with information. While it is good that we are able to easily access health information, it should be

I recently managed to get my hands on the Promixx 2.0 Vortex Mixer and I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It’s been labelled as ‘more than a protein mixer’ but is it really a worthwhile addition to my gym bag and does it do everything it promises to? Check out the review I put together below. Promixx Vortex 2.0 Review What do you get in the box? The Promixx 2.0, Fully…

 Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder – ListedFit Getting protein as a vegan doesn’t have to be hard. While it is fantastic to strive for a diet where all of your protein is derived from non-animal sources, for many vegan and non-vegans, this can be really hard to do, so using a protein powder supplement makes sense. But what is the best tasting vegan protein powder on the market today? Finding a vegan protein powder that is…

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