Daily Skin Care Routine Tips – Protect, Repair and Prevent

Daily Skin Care Routine protect your skin

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Daily Skin Care Routine Tips – Protect, Repair and Prevent

There are many things that a person should remember in their daily skin care routine, just like brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, you should always apply moisturiser before going outside. Though you may not think you’re getting any sun on dull days or during the winter with cloudy skies UV rays are still slipping through the cloud cover and bombarding your skin. For those that don’t think that daily sun cream is important in their daily skin care routine there are many reasons why you should cover up with sun cream, from tanning blisters to moles, the UV rays can do more than just change the pigmentation of your skin.

Skin Care Tips – Improve your daily skin routine

Protecting Your SkinBeautiful skin Daily Skin Care Routine Tips - Protect, Repair and Prevent

Whilst moisturising is very important no matter what your age or gender, protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB rays is more so as they can lead to various types of skin cancers.

Although you may think you’re getting yourself a healthy dose of vitamin D, which we know plays a vital part in your health by helping you absorb calcium and iron, you could also be damaging your skin and its pigmentation. It is always a good idea to wear the correct strength sun cream no matter your age. So do make sure that you check the labels before buying and remember that healthy skin doesn’t have to mean baking yourself in the sun for the perfect tan.


Discolouration and Pigmentation

At some points in our life we will all become a little concerned with a discolouration or a lump or bump on our skin, be it a mole or something else. The first thing to do is to not panic! The second thing to do is to book an appointment with your GP, or local dermatologist and explain your worries to them. This can be a great way of catching things early, such as certain types of skin cancers, tumours or can even lead to you having a mole removed. It’s better safe than sorry after all!

So if you have a mole that is changing shape or colour, maybe even becoming raised you should head on over to your GP or local dermatologist and get it checked out as soon as you can –  you could be helping to stop something much more serious before it starts.


Preventative MeasuresGood skin care for your face Daily Skin Care Routine

Taking basic care of your skin can be easy. Take simple steps towards protection such as drinking lots of water, covering up during the hotter, sunnier parts of the day, daily applications of an SPF cream to your face (as well as your neck and ears) and using the recommended level of SPF sun cream when going out to the beach, pool or outdoor activities. Taking these basic steps and keeping an eye out for any changes to existing conditions can help you stay safe and healthy. Although you may think that you are worried over nothing it is always a good idea to get a new or odd pigmentation, lump, bump or mole checked out without delay.

So remember as part of your daily skin care routine to moisturise with an SPF cream when you start your day, it could help prevent problems in later life.


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