Should I Get A Weighted Blanket?

You may be wondering should I get a weighted blanket? Weighted blankets have risen in popularity dramatically over the last couple of years, with sales skyrocketing.  Did you know weighted blankets were invented in 1998? Keith Zivalich, a California native, was the first to invent the “Magic Weighted Blanket”. So, what has caused weighted blankets […]

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder- Can a SAD Clock Beat It?

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder- Can a SAD Clock Beat It? Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a form of depression linked to the change of the seasons. Often called the “winter blues”, it is a form of depression that occurs at regular times through the year. The more common form occurs in the fall, […]

Cognitive Enhancing Drugs – Are Nootropics Worth Trying?

Cognitive Enhancing Drugs that Boost Your Brain I have wondered this ever since I watched the movie Limitless. If you haven’t seen it, Limitless is about a guy that gets hold of a drug that basically makes your brain work at full capacity. A fantasy story that really only adults could really relate to. After […]

Common Sports Injuries: Solving Knee Pain

Knee pain can blight a person’s day to day life, it can make even the simplest of tasks seem impossible and render a person practically immobile.Because of the wide and varied nature of knee pain, it can be difficult to tell a problem from a momentary pain. As a nation we are notoriously reluctant to […]

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

The human brain is a complex and wonderful place, to say the least.  It can make our lives positive or negative all on its own, or with help from a slew of external forces. There are many different treatments for issues of the mind, one of which is known as cognitive behavioural therapy.  What Is […]

Staying Fit And Active Helps You To Feel Younger

As we age, the expression “young at heart” goes far beyond an optimistic emotional outlook. In fact, countless studies have shown that middle-aged men and women who stay physically fit and active not only will feel younger, but many ailments that plague this age bracket can be significantly reduced and sometimes avoided altogether. So, let’s […]

Top 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques To Try At Home

If you’ve ever suffered from stress, anxiety or low moods you know just how debilitating it can be and it can get in the way of you enjoying your life. Luckily help is at hand. Cognitive restructuring is one of the most successful treatments for common psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and stress. […]

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