How to Sleep on a Plane: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been on a flight and desperately needed a good sleep but couldn’t find a comfortable position? It’s something we’ve all been through. The question of how to sleep on a plane is a common one especially long haul flights where sleeping is essential. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can […]

Should I Get A Weighted Blanket?

You may be wondering should I get a weighted blanket? Weighted blankets have risen in popularity dramatically over the last couple of years, with sales skyrocketing.  Did you know weighted blankets were invented in 1998? Keith Zivalich, a California native, was the first to invent the “Magic Weighted Blanket”. So, what has caused weighted blankets […]

Cognitive Enhancing Drugs – Are Nootropics Worth Trying?

Cognitive Enhancing Drugs that Boost Your Brain I have wondered this ever since I watched the movie Limitless. If you haven’t seen it, Limitless is about a guy that gets hold of a drug that basically makes your brain work at full capacity. A fantasy story that really only adults could really relate to. After […]

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