The Abdominal Vacuum Exercise: Does It Really Work?

The abdominal vacuum stomach exercise is a technique that’s been around for a very long time. It was first used in the early 20th century and has been generally regarded as an effective way to reduce fat around your midsection ever since. Unfortunately, it’s also not particularly well-known outside of bodybuilding circles, which means it […]

Is the Adidas AdiPower 3 Worth It?

Weightlifting shoes need a supportive design that boosts your lifting performance. I’ve tried various lifting shoes and seen how different each can be in stability, comfort, and durability. When the AdiPower 3 came out, I had to get a pair to see how it held up against its other counterparts.  The Adidas AdiPower 3 do […]

Does Matt Stonie Workout? This Is How Competitive Eaters Stay in Shape

Despite the dangers associated with competitive eating, many still entertain the idea of joining competitions for fame and fortune. One of these go-getters is Matt Stonie, a successful YouTuber and competitive eater with over 15 million subscribers and numerous awards.  Unlike what other people assume, Stonie doesn’t have superhuman metabolism. He has a lean and […]

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