How to Choose a Good Doorway Gym Bar

Are you looking for workouts to strengthen your back, shoulders, and core? First-class pull-up bars are significant assets for exercises and strength training. So if you want to invest in a good, high-quality pull-up bar to intensify your drills, we scoured the internet and evaluated some of the best doorway gyms available. Pull-up bars are […]

The Truth About Fake Weights

Weightlifting is an intense exercise intended to achieve improved muscularity and physique. Some benefits of adding weights to your training include burning body fat, strengthening bones, avoiding injuries, and enhancing overall heart health. But some people like to exempt themselves from bearing the heaviness of real barbels and dumbbells. You may have seen online videos […]

Why Are Plyometric Boxes So Damn Expensive?!

If you like exercise that improves speed, agility, and overall body strength, you’re familiar with plyometric boxes. But did you know that physical therapists also use this equipment to perform exercises that help athletes prevent injury and accelerate rehabilitation? Additionally, using plyometric boxes effectively helps lose weight because of the high-intensity movements they encourage. However, […]

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