The Truth About Fake Weights

Weightlifting is an intense exercise intended to achieve improved muscularity and physique. Some benefits of adding weights to your training include burning body fat, strengthening bones, avoiding injuries, and enhancing overall heart health. But some people like to exempt themselves from bearing the heaviness of real barbels and dumbbells. You may have seen online videos […]

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity

How to Record Yourself at the Gym Without Being A Douchebag – Our Top Tips

Fitness content is pretty much unavoidable, If you’ve ever watched fitness video content, there is a draw to watching someone work out. You get to see their form, their progress, and even what not to do. I regularly record myself to check what my form is like, and its the reason why many gyms have […]

Captain America Workout – Get a Superhero Body

Captain America Workout Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America are becoming more than just movie characters. For many men around the world, these are now the physical specimens that they want to emulate. Who wouldn’t want to build up their muscles so that they could look more like Chris Evans in his role as […]

Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss – 6 Stars Who Lost Weight for Movie Roles

We all want to look our best, or do we? Here is a list of the six most drastic and shocking examples of celebrity weight loss for movie roles that may even give rise to the question ‘Is that even healthy?’     1.     Jared Leto He is not a porker anymore; in fact, you […]

Top 6 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Muscle Gains

It’s hard not to notice celebrity muscle gains. When we see the body transformation of an actor for a film role, from not-so-big to beefy, we get curious and many times we wonder, how the hell did he do that? However they do it, whether they work out 8 hours a day non-stop or eat enough […]

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