How to Record Yourself at the Gym Without Being A Douchebag – Our Top Tips

Fitness content is pretty much unavoidable, If you’ve ever watched fitness video content, there is a draw to watching someone work out. You get to see their form, their progress, and even what not to do. I regularly record myself to check what my form is like, and its the reason why many gyms have […]

English Conversation About Fashion
English Conversation About Fashion

StockX are Selling You Fakes! – According to Nike

Video Transcription: So Nike has recently come out saying that Stockx, which is probably one of if not the most popular sneaker reselling websites out there, are selling counterfeit products. “Nike has ramped up its battle with the online marketplace StockX, saying that it purchased four pairs of counterfeit shoes on the site, despite StockX’s […]

Rude Gym Behavior! Bad Gym Etiquette – Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow.

There’s nothing more annoying than going to a gym full of people who do not respect any rules of gym etiquette. These people can be found everywhere, no matter what sort of gym you go to. When you come across these people, you can get angry and frustrated which can then distract you from your […]

Why Do I Never Win on Snkrs App? How to Increase Your Chances of a Win

Since its launch in 2015, Nike’s SNKRS app has been a popular destination for sneaker enthusiasts. As of late, this app has become basically pointless to use, which has led people to look elsewhere for the latest sneaker drops.  When the Nike SNKRS app launched, the sole focus was for Nike enthusiasts to receive insider […]

My Personal Trainer Talks Too Much! – Personal Trainer Problems

Common Questions About Personal Trainers Is it time for you to find a new personal trainer? Or maybe you don’t have one and you’re thinking about hiring one to help you reach your fitness goals. A kindly reminder:  it’s OK to feel (a bit) confused.  What is it that you want to know to make a […]

Quick Smoothie Recipe: Raspberry Blast

  Quick Smoothie Recipe: Raspberry Blast This is an awesome quick smoothie recipe that can be put together and taken at any time of the day, have it in the morning for breakfast, lunch or in the evening. This raspberry smoothie is packed full of healthy nutrients and is VERY easy to make. No fancy obscure […]

How to get Lower Back Dimples

If you don’t know, lower back dimples also known as the Dimples of Venus are small indentations within the lower back area just above the buttocks. Top 4 Exercises for Lower Back Dimples  Note: You will need a resistance band to do some of these exercises.  1. Resistance Band Squats – Lower Back Dimples Move No1 Normal back squats […]

How To Spot A Bad Personal Trainer – Top 9 Signs

How to Spot a Bad Personal Trainer Personal trainers are great. What better way to get in shape than to have a qualified experienced professional take time to understand your fitness needs and to give you top quality advice as to how to reach your fitness goals. But how can you tell if you have a […]

Alcohol While Dieting – The Truth

Can I Drink Alcohol While Dieting? Alcohol while dieting is a tough one. Imagine you and I are partners and we are talking to somebody about weight loss, and the person said, listen I’ll eat what you tell me to eat, but I’m not gonna give up my daily Krispy Kreme donut. Which is about 200 calories. I need to have one […]

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