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Why Do People Hate Planet Fitness? Read This Before You Join!

***Note: The reviews of Planet Fitness found in this article are genuine customer reviews chosen at random from a selection of Planet Fitness branches found on Google. Planet Fitness is a very popular gym chain that has faced its fair share of criticism and has garnered a polarising reputation within the fitness community over the […]

The Truth About Fake Weights

Weightlifting is an intense exercise intended to achieve improved muscularity and physique. Some benefits of adding weights to your training include burning body fat, strengthening bones, avoiding injuries, and enhancing overall heart health. But some people like to exempt themselves from bearing the heaviness of real barbels and dumbbells. You may have seen online videos […]

How to Record Yourself at the Gym Without Being A Douchebag – Our Top Tips

Fitness content is pretty much unavoidable, If you’ve ever watched fitness video content, there is a draw to watching someone work out. You get to see their form, their progress, and even what not to do. I regularly record myself to check what my form is like, and its the reason why many gyms have […]

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