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is the New Nike Metcon 7 worth it 9

The New Nike Metcon 7 – Breakdown

The new Metcon 7 is finally out and the hype is insane. As a trainer enthusiast, I love upgrades to my collection, but I am also a creature of habit.  Typically, sneaker upgrades are met with criticism. We have all…

Are Yeezys Good for Working Out In?

Are Yeezys Good for Working Out In?

Are Yeezy Shoes All Hype or Are They Effective Workout Shoes? Since the launch of Yeezys in February of 2015, these shoes have transformed the sneaker world and excited people of all ages. Kanye West’s designs have pushed the envelope…

are hoka shoes worth it

Are HOKA Shoes Worth It? (SOLVED)

Are Hoka The Real Deal? (Solved) Are Hoka Shoes Worth It? It’s no great secret that running shoes aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing footwear, but most athletes are usually willing to sacrifice looks for performance. Hoka running shoes, however,…