The Things People Get Wrong About Weighted Vests

A weighted vest is simply a vest that has small weights either sewn into the fabric or carried in pockets. These vests are worn just like a suit vest. They sit over the shoulders and cover the chest and core.  Weighted vests come in different weights. It is important to choose wisely when buying a […]

JAVABURN Fat-Burner Review #javabur...
JAVABURN Fat-Burner Review #javaburn #weightloss #evepacifichealth

Top 5 Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss

Top 5 Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss It’s that time of the year when many people decide to lose weight. The first port of call is of course a good set of bathroom scales. But there is nothing as demotivating as sweating hard for a week only to have the boring impersonal analogue scale […]

HIIT Workouts – The Basics

You may have recently heard people talking about the benefits of HIIT training recently and be wondering, what is HIIT training? HIIT workouts are very popular right now. Mainly due to the fact that many people quite like the idea of not having to spend lots of time in the gym working out. HIIT Workouts […]

How To Get Rid of Bingo Wings – My Powerspin Review

I have often wondered how to get rid of bingo wings. I never thought I would end up with bingo wings at all, but after significant weight gain with pregnancy, my arms became much flabbier than I would like and for years I’ve felt very self-conscious wearing sleeveless tops in summer. Late Night Shopping I […]

6 Reasons Why You Struggle To Lose Weight

6 Reasons Why You Struggle To Lose Weight I’ve heard many reasons over the years as to why people struggle to lose weight. Before we go in, the first and most important reason is motivation. Whatever weight you are, whatever age you are, look at the calendar along with the scale. It takes a long time of bad […]

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