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Top 10 Reasons Why Friday is the Best Day of the Week

You get that good feeling as soon as you wake up on a Friday morning and you have a spring in your step!

Here are 10 reasons why Friday is the best day of the week.

Why Is Friday The Best Day Of The Week?

10. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood

The ‘Friday feeling ‘ – I think it’s the anticipation of the weekend or just knowing you have a few days to rest ( if you’re a Mon-Fri worker).

9. Time for yourself is always a good thing

You’re probably looking forward to doing some time to yourself, or self-care to give it the more current name.

Maybe you’ll do some DIY or make that fancy recipe you saw somewhere during the week, maybe you’re a weekend warrior and the weekend is when you really get your workouts in.

8. You can stay up late on Friday night

And don’t have to worry about the alarm clock going off on Saturday morning.

You can have a drink or two (ahem) without worrying about having a headache all day tomorrow.

You can relax on the sofa after work and stay up watching Netflix.  

7. Casual attire at the office

(If you work in such a place).

Casual Fridays are a major thing for some workplaces. You can wear comfortable sneakers to the office, you can wear a football shirt to show what team you’ll be supporting this weekend, or maybe you’ll just wear a nice thick warm hoody while you work. 

6. Friday lunches are always fun

Out with friends or co-workers.

When the Friday feeling is in the air you feel it. 

Friday might be the day you decide to have a cheat day and get a burger for lunch or try out something a little more fancy than last night’s leftovers.

The Friday feeling is definitely very powerful when it comes to lunch choices! 

5 Listening to everyone’s plans for the weekend 🙂

4. The Friday afternoon wind-down

Relaxed Natalie Dormer GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

You know what I’m talking about…between 3:30-5pm on Friday things just sort of slow down and come to a crawl (at least in my line of business)

3. Why Friday is the Best Day? For many it’s PAYDAY!

What more is there to be said?

2.Hanging out with friends

on a Friday night. Maybe you’re going out or staying in – quality time with your friends is bliss.

1. Spending time with family,

and knowing you’ve got two more days to fully invest in those you love the most!

Have I missed any out?

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