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Are Feiyue Shoes Good? Putting Them to the Test

are feiyue shoes worth it

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A lot of people are just learning about Feiyue shoes, and the first thing wonder is ‘are Feiyue shoes good?’

The famous Feiyue shoes actually prove that not all products made in China are of low quality. Feiyue shoes all started when a tire company in Shanghai, Da Fu Rubber Co., Ltd., used its excess rubber to make “plimsoll” in the 1920s. A plimsoll is a canvas shoe with a rubber sole that garnered its reputation for durability, flexibility, and comfort. 

Feiyue’s marketing slogan, “Flying Forward,” which symbolizes the dual elevation of body and mind, comes from its literal translation, “To leap” or “To fly over.”

Because of the brand’s functional and lightweight products, the Feiyue line has become the favorite shoe of Shaolin monks, athletes, parkour enthusiasts, and martial arts practitioners. 

Feiyue’s popularity increased globally when the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening performers wore plimsolls. Read more about these shoes that even famous personalities like Orlando Bloom and Poppy Delevingne love.

are feiyue shoes good

Are Feiyue Shoes Good? – My Take

For this article, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of Feiyue shoes and try them out.
My goal isn’t to tell you if this pair in particular is a good choice, I wanted to look at whether Feiyue shoes as a whole are a good choice.
Mainly because a lot of their shoes have similar make-up.

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Are Feiyue Shoes Comfortable?

are feiyue shoes worth it are Feiyue shoes good quality
Are Feiyue Shoes Good for Comfort?

Yes, Feiyue shoes are enjoyable to wear. The brand remains true to its mission of producing the world’s cheapest shoes without sacrificing comfort. It doesn’t have that “flat-footed” feeling canvas shoes usually have.

Plus, the half-moon shape canvas on the back of the shoe stops the seam from rubbing against the skin, effectively avoiding ankle wounds.

You also don’t have to worry about getting sweaty toes with Feiyue. The brand uses a breathable canvas and soft soles that also helps in preventing injuries.

However, it may take some time to adapt to Feiyue if you’re used to running shoes. It’s because it’s not as cushioned as classic running sneakers, but it’s still easy to wear. On the upside, Feiyue shoes give you more grip and traction whenever you move. 

The ‘FE LO 1920’ can be worn in any weather. 

Are Feiyue Shoes Good Quality?


To answer the question of are Feiyue shoes good quality, I’d say yes, they are.

Feiyue shoes’ high-quality products are the direct result of an ongoing trademark battle between Feiyue China and Feiyue France. 

Patrice Bastian is an entrepreneur who brought Feiyue shoes to France. Together with great designers, they refashioned the shoe he happened to see when he was studying Shaolin. He introduced it to the world with various marketing campaigns and collaborations. When Chinese Feiyue discovered this, the battle between the two brands began, somewhat benefiting each of their respective consumers. 

To improve the quality of the shoe, Bastian used a thicker sole and higher quality glue which caused the price to increase. On the other hand, Feiyue China incorporates better and higher quality materials and modern designs in its products without affecting its affordability. 

From then on, the simple plimsoll turned into a durable canvas with padded light soles and only continued to upgrade.

It’s also very durable and can last longer than other branded shoes. However, the life of any material still depends on how it is used. For example, regularly wearing the shoes for outdoor training will wear them quickly within months. But if they’re only used as regular sneakers, they can last for years. 

Overall, Feiyue shoes are good quality shoes that will not fall into pieces and don’t easily change colors.

Are Feiyue Shoes Barefoot Style?

are feiyue shoes good 7
Are Feiyue Shoes Barefoot Style?

Feiyue products are not designed after barefoot style shoes but are considered one of the best cheap alternatives to barefoot or minimalist shoes.

However, there are different opinions on the shoes being barefoot style because there are two different versions.

Here’s what to look for to distinguish the barefoot style from regular shoes:

  • It does not have a heel drop
  • The sole has the same thickness throughout the shoe
  • The wearer’s entire foot is flat on the ground

Runners and athletes who wear barefoot shoes like Feiyue, especially Chinese ones, do so for the following reasons:

  • It’s an inexpensive shoe with excellent qualities.
  • It has soles that protect the foot in cold weather.
  • It suits heavy training like martial arts.
  • It has a superb drip for any training.
  • It has padding in the front, unlike most shoes that have padding in the back.
  • Its rubber sole is good for developing muscular balance and strengthening feet.

There are also those who don’t consider Feiyue products as barefoot style shoes. One reason is it’s not “barefoot enough.” They complain that it gives them a “weird sensation” whenever they use it for training. It’s also because Feiyue’s center sole is thicker than the sides and has a spongy feeling. 

Furthermore, they believe it’s not suitable for barefoot running because the shoe’s forefoot sole burns quickly. Some people who usually wear bare shoes and tried Feiyue also had knee and foot issues because they were not used to this type of shoe.

Are Feiyue Shoes Good for Lifting (Weightlifting)?

deadlift small do i need a weight lifting belt
Are Feiyue Shoes Good for Lifting?

Are Feiyue shoes good for weightlifting? The answer is yes, even though Feiyue shoes were initially for martial arts, they actually make good weightlifting shoes.

Feiyue shoes have a thin sole which keeps you as close to the ground as possible but is also thick enough to provide good stability and support your feet and legs when lifting.

There’s also a lot of natural grip on the soles great for weightlifting. The brand has recently improved its shoes, and you can now take off the insoles for more stability or leave them for more cushion.

, the brand used quality materials such as fiber cotton canvas, a soft and comfortable footbed, a flexible rubber outsole, and a soft-shaped upper. Weightlifters like the shoes for their overall good construction, affordability, mobility, and sole stability. Its minimalist design can also be for working out and daily wear.


When lifters do exercises like squats, the entire weight falls on the foot, so your foot must be powerful enough to hold your weight. While you can do this exercise barefoot, wearing good weightlifting shoes like Feiyue will help you train your feet when you do squats as well as deadlifts. Take note that Feiyue shoes have the perfect heel height of about 0.86 inches for squats. Plus, it lasts longer than any weightlifting shoes on the market.


As mentioned above, you can do deadlifts with lifting shoes or go barefoot. However, you can’t do it with running shoes. It’s because running shoes are not fit for these exercises. Using them may even lead to accidents or injuries. Unlike performing squats where shoes with slightly raised heels are beneficial, you need to use a flat shoe in deadlifts. You can also use shoes with a minimal sole like Feiyue, as higher shoes will make it more challenging to deadlift.

Are Feiyue Shoes Zero Drop?

Yes, Feiyue shoes have a virtually zero-drop structure that is very popular among gym enthusiasts and athletes. One of the advantages of this shoe is its flexibility. You can even bend, twist, or crumple it. 

Wearing these shoes means you have more foot sensitivity and free ankle movement for jumping, running, walking, or lifting. However, unlike other zero-drop shoes, Feiyue shoes have narrow toe boxes and a foam insole that extends from the heel to the midfoot.

Are Feiyue Shoes True to Size?

are feiyue shoes worth it are Feiyue shoes good quality
Are Feiyue Shoes Good for Sizing?

Unfortunately, despite the good features, the Feiyue shoes’ sizing is slightly inconsistent. Feiyue shoes’ size chart shows that the products offered are only available in US Kids, EURO, UK, MM, and CM sizes.

While most orders come in actual euro sizes, it’s not always the case with these shoes. In physical stores, there are situations where the customer has to try on different pairs to find the right size.

If it’s your first time ordering a pair of Feiyue shoes online, you need to be open to the possibility that you may get a smaller or bigger size. The brand and its repeat buyers recommend ordering a half to one size up your original size to ensure that the shoes will fit you. 

Another problem with sizing is its fit. It usually has a slim fit and only works perfectly with thin no-show socks. But when you get one size larger shoes, they may have a wider fit. The “over under lacing” technique is an easy fix for this. You can simply use this technique rather than the standard criss cross shoe lacing style.

Are Feiyue Shoes Good For Running?

Feiyue shoes are known for being stylish and lightweight among other things, but are Feiyue shoes good for running in? The answer isn’t a straightforward one.

What running do you intend to do?

Feiyues are deisnged for martial arts and activities that require quick movements of agility which is why they aren’t known for having high levels of padding or comfort technology in the sole which would be generally found in a running shoe.

If you are doing long distance running or doing high impact trail running on tough terrain then Feiyue shoes may not be the best option for you.

However, if you’re a more serious runner or plan to run longer distances or on varied terrain, you may want to look for a shoe that provides more support and cushioning.

While Feiyue shoes can be a good option for some types of running, they are not recommended for serious runners or high impact activities. If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable shoe for short distance running, Feiyue shoes may be worth considering, but for more advanced or demanding activities, a dedicated running shoe would be a much better choice.

Feiyue Size Chart

Are Feiyue Shoes Good? Be sure to check out the Feiyue Size Chart before you order!
Are Feiyue Shoes Good? Be sure to check out the Feiyue Size Chart before you order!

In order to get your best size in Feiyue shoes its recommended that you have a look at their sizing chart. They give you both cm and inch measurements on this chart too.

Reason I say this is because sometimes sizing charts can give you a surprise.

Feiyue also recommend that if you wear a half size, that you should order the next size up.

I would say that if you can, try on or order two sizes and return the size that doesn’t quite fit right even though they say to go half a size up, every foot is different.

So definitely try on a pair or two before you buy.

Some people feel that some models of Feiyue shoes can be quite narrow in the toe box area as well, which is probably why they suggest going upwards if you wear a half size.

Worth noting as well is that Feiyue shoes can slightly stretch over time and will most definitely take to the shape of your foot somewhat, so if they feel a bit snug to you at the first moment of trying them, they are likely to become more comfortable over time.

Overall, if you take the time to measure your feet and consult Feiyue’s sizing chart, you should be able to find a pair of shoes that fit well and feel comfortable.


Are Feiyue shoes good overall? In my opinion, the answer is yes, Feiyue shoes give you your money’s worth. 

Feiyue products are made with high-quality materials to ensure they’ll last longer than any other shoes. They have an effortless style that suits both men and women, and the shoes are comfortable to wear for everyday activities.

The line also offers a wide range of functionality and versatility. Feiyue shoes are not just like regular sneakers used in fashion. These pairs can accompany you in various sports, such as weightlifting, running, and parkour. It’s also excellent for your gym affairs. 

To top it all off, Feiyue is very affordable. There’s no need to break the bank in purchasing branded shoes that offer the same things Feiyue shoes do. 

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