Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working? Helpful Quick Fixes


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Owning a Nutribullet has been a great experience. It’s small, powerful, and very easy to use. I’ve owned my Nutribullet since 2015. 

The model I have is the Nutribullet Pro 900w

There have been bad moments and times when I have wondered “why has my Nutribullet stopped working?”.

I start most of my mornings with a protein smoothie and my smoothies are serious business!

I experiment a lot with my recipes, and I have seen how the Nutribullet responds to certain demands put upon it. 

Which means sometimes things can go wrong.

So in this article, I am going to try and help you solve some of the problems that Nutribullets can have over time and how I solved them myself.

My Nutribullet Doesn’t Push Down

This is one of the most common issues that can come up with Nutribullets, and has come up maybe twice in the time I’ve owned one. 

You load up the cup with your ingredients, you screw on the blade attachment, and you are ready to blend. 

When you align the cup with the base and apply downward pressure, nothing moves, so you apply even more pressure, and still, nothing happens.

Here is what it could be.

The plastic activator tabs that you line the cup up with before you press down may be stuck. 

Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working nutribullet-activators
Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working nutribullet-activators
The 3 white activators on the base – these can get jammed

Sometimes sticky liquids leak into the base, which can seep into the three activator tabs highlighted above. 

This can make them sticky and stiff over time and make them not able to activate when you apply pressure to get the blender going.

What I Did To Fix It

Make sure you unplug the base first and give it a good clean with a damp cloth. 

Once the base is sufficiently cleaned, squirt a little bit of WD40 into the top of each of the 3 white plastic activator tabs. 

Now, take a screwdriver or something of a similar function and try to push the white activator tabs down independently. They should move a little better now.

Why Has My Nutribullet Got A Burning Smell When I Use It?

This is something that has happened to me once over the years, and it can be alarming. 

You load up the cup and start blending, and within a few seconds, you see smoke and can smell burning rubber. 

I came very close to shopping for a new blender when this happened because I assumed the blender was on it’s way out.

Your initial thought might be that you loaded the Nutribullet up with too much hard-textured food, or you didn’t add enough water.

While this might be the reason why your Nutribullet would struggle, it should not cause your machine to create a strong burning smell after a few seconds.

The problem is most likely from the blades on the blade attachment being too dull.

If the food you are blending causes too much of a strain on the blade attachment, the motor and the blade could struggle to spin at their optimal speed. 

Why Has My Nutribullet Got A Burning Smell When I Use It? nutribullet-base

In the past, I have unscrewed the blade base and noticed that the blades don’t move when manipulated by hand. 

The burning smell comes from a rubber seal on the underside of the blade attachment rubbing against metal, causing it to heat the rubber and give off the burning smell.

What I Did To Fix It?

Once I discovered the smoking blade attachment, my first idea was to buy a new blade attachment off Amazon to see if the problem persisted.

Once it arrived and I tried it out, it was fine after that.

Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working nutribullet-activators blade bases
Nutribullet blade bases can be picked up pretty cheaply.

I had overworked the Nutribullet, putting whole Brazil nuts and almonds in there. 

My smoothies would sometimes be so packed full of ingredients it would go past the MAX line, and I would still blend it anyway. 

Crushing nuts worked well for a while, but after some time, I guess the blades can’t keep up with the demands of the motor.

You can get away with doing this for a while, but you will pay the price!

Luckily buying a new blade base didn’t cost a lot at all. I’m a lot more cautious about my blending practices now! 

Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working nutribullet-activators blade bases

Why Has My Nutribullet Stopped Working Completely?

The motor has completely stopped working, you’ve cleaned the base, the white tabs are not sticky, you’ve consulted the instructions and the Nutribullet still refuses to power on. 

If your machine is still under warranty, and you have the receipt, then sending it back is not a bad idea. 

If your machine is no longer under the manufacturer warranty, then it would still be worthwhile sending it back to get someone to take a look at it. 

Sometimes the cost of repair is near enough to the price of a replacement. 

In that case, it might make more sense to buy a new one. 

Sometimes the manufacturer will take your non-working unit as a part trade-in and give you a newer model for a cheaper price.

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