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Nike Compression Pants – Speedy Recovery from Leg Day

Nike Compression Pants Review First things first, these Nike compression pants retail at $60 which I felt was a little high for a pair of tights but after reading the benefits promised I felt the price wasn’t too bad. Plus, I read on the site that they have a 2-year warranty which I was impressed with, so if […]

Learning Double Unders: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Learning double unders is a challenging yet beneficial skill to master, particularly for those who are enthusiastic about fitness and looking to elevate their workout. For those unfamiliar with the term, double unders involves jumping rope where the rope passes under your feet twice with each jump. This might appear intimidating, but with the right […]

Purple Aki – The Real Life Bogey Man of Liverpool

All over Liverpool school playgrounds kids people have heard folk tales of the bogeyman that is Purple Aki, the man who lurks in the bushes, jumps out and asks “Can I squeeze your muscles?” Weird fetish, I know, but the folk stories are very true and Purple Aki has now had his sexual offence order […]

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