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How to Make Shilajit Taste Better 


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One of the things that struck me about shilajit was the taste and the smell, from the first try I was left asking myself ‘why does shilajit taste so bad?’ and ‘how to make shilajit taste better?’.

You may know if you follow this blog, I recently tried shilajit to see if it was as good as everyone makes it out to be.

I tried it for some time and shared my results on the YouTube channel, do check it out if you have the time.

I tried shilajit and shared my results on the YouTube channel, do check it out if you have the time.


The taste of shilajit is something that takes some getting use to and it’s also a taste that can overpower a lot of other things, which makes it a difficult taste to disguise.

In this blog post, i’m going to look into how to make shilajit taste better.


The Simple Option

Now I just want to say beforehand, I know that shilajit is available in pill form that can be easily swallowed which would save you from having to make serious efforts to disguise the taste and smell.

But I have learnt that some people believe that the resin which usually comes in a jar is more trustworthy and some have mentioned concerns over purity when it comes to capsules over the resin.

I personally only used the resin so I can speak on the effectiveness of the capsules, but it’s worth mentioning that some people in the comments of my videos especially have mentioned the potency of the capsules over the resin being a factor.

Why Does Shilajit Taste So Bad?

To answer the question of ‘why does shilajit taste so bad?’ there are a couple of reasons why.

Shilajit is a natural substance found on the asian continent. It’s formed from the decomposition of plant matter over millions of years which is hard to imagine.

But the millions of years bit is one of the reasons why shilajit tastes so bad, it has a richness in minerals and other organic compounds that are the reason it has its distinct smell and uniquely bitter taste.

Another answer to the question of why does shilajit taste so bad is he way it’s often harvested and processed.

Shilajit can be harvested in the mountains in its purest and rawest form this in turn means that is can get mixed in with some impurities like dirt and other debris. Don’t worry though, the raw shilajit is purified and processed after this so you’re not at risk or anything. But the sad thing is that this can affect the taste.

If you’re looking to try shilajit for yourself and you’re looking for a product or an example of a good product I can recommend this one here.

You just have to scoop a little bit out and add it to some warm water/coffee/tea and then wait for it to melt. Just prepare yourself for the taste!

How to Make Shilajit Taste Better:

I will preface this by saying, when I made my video where I tried shilajit for the first time, I was mixing it with warm water and I didn’t add any ingredients.

sea moss vs shilajit sea moss and shilajit 3
Why Does Shilajit Taste So Bad?

Method 1 – Mix it with Honey

Many people suggest mixing it with honey as the sweetness of the honey will counteract the strong bitterness of the shilajit resin.

The advice is to simply mix an equal amount of honey with the amount of shilajit you add to the hot water, however, I feel like you will probably need a little more honey in order to balance it out.

How to Make Shilajit Taste Better

Method 2 – Fruit Juice, But Not Just Any Fruit Juice!

The second recommendation is to mix it in with fruit juice, however, pay attention to what fruit juice you use. Not all fruit juices are the same.

Try to find a fruit juice that has a very strong taste, I personally avoid milder fruit juices to do this. I would do this with a grapefruit juice or a raspberry juice.

And simply melt the resin in a little bit of hot water and once it is all melted, mix in some of the fruit juice. You should be barely able to taste the shilajit this way.

Method 3 – Mix It Into Your Coffee

How to Make Shilajit Taste Better

Last but by no means least is to mix it into coffee.

The sometimes strong earthy taste of coffee can lend itself to the earthy bitterness of shilajit and so you may find this method works well for you.

Just make sure that the shilajit has melted in some hot water first before you add it to your coffee. Also make sure it has all melted before you add your milk.

If you drink black coffee, then the bitterness of shilajit shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Conclusion – How to Make Shilajit Taste Better

the first thing that will strike you about shilajit resin is the taste, but hopefully this short post will have given you some ideas of things you can use to make the taste a little more manageable.

The idea is to match it with something sweet to balance out the bitterness or to just mix it with something that has a similarly overpowering taste so that you don’t even know the shilajit is in there!

I’d like to say also, if you have any methods that work for you that I haven’t mentioned in this post, please share them in the comments below!


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